Football, Weekend of the Red Devils and the Conference of Diaspora in Europe (Bulgaria, Croatia, Scotland and Spain)

Football, Weekend of the Red Devils and the Conference of Diaspora in Europe (Bulgaria, Croatia, Scotland and Spain)

Bulgaria, 17I day 1Again the division

After a two-month winter break, CSKA Sophia returned to the competition, with the success of neighboring Slavia (1-0). Starter Bradley Majico gave Sowe the only goal of the game

Also a win for Beretta and Gaus Makuta who won 2–1 in the fast. The international environment is at the core of the first goal: at 11I, His shot is intercepted from the right, from outside the area, by the hand of a defender (in front of or behind the line). Changed penalty by Kamburov. Another good service for Kamburov at the end of the game: if the Bulgarian spoiled the offer, he would make a double sign at 92.I.

Ludogorets and Mavis Tachibota will receive Etter on Monday evening. Despite this late match, he continues to lead the Championship in second place with 36 points, 3 points ahead of CSKA Sophia. Bero is 5I With 31 digits.

Croatia, 21I day 1Again the division

Recovered after his ankle surgery, Marcil Nadokit was absent during Osijek’s defeat at Osimo Zagreb (0-1). Second-placed Osijek is now 3 points behind his opponent of the day.

Scotland, 29I day 1Again the division

Another defeat for Kilmarnock, who drops the flag between the Rangers (0-1). Clevid Dikamona started against the championship leader.

Spain, 25I Second dayI the division

Mallorca loses the duel at the top against Espanyol (1-2) and leaves the Catalans only to take the lead. Jordan remained on the bench, without Mboula.

Spain, 14I day 3I Partition, Group 4

Sevilla FC Reserve defeats Cordoba (1-0). With Baron Kimba holder in central defense.

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Spain, 16I Day 4I Division, Group 13 / A

Without Amur Lousoukou, absent from the scoresheet, Aguilas won 1–0 at Murcia. But where is the captain of the Red Devils, whose last first team match was on 20 December?

Spain, 17I Day 4I Split, Group 12 / A

Without an absentee from the team, Chrisnee Nagoule-Motsuka, Tenerife Reserve drew at Santa Ursula (0–0).

Spain, 13I Day 4I Split, Group 10 / A

Fauré-Pervé Makoso began with a Los Barrios victory against Deportivo Xares (1-0).


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