Football / Who’s this? Did you recognize Thierry Laurie?

  Football / Who's this?  Did you recognize Thierry Laurie?

Thierry Laurie has often said this. One of the best periods of his playing career was staying with this Sohax team in French-Comé, which was reborn from its ashes in the late 80s. Not necessarily controlling his fate after the first year of a decisive debt in Montpellier. Hence the moderate wealth of OM found itself ready for the famous straw generation.

A freelance for the French team against Scotland

Promoted to D1 in 1988, Sucoux won twice as a torture at the top of his art with Thierry Laurie twice in 4th place, “ Out of the Box ” an hour earlier.

His superb form allowed him to go freelance for the French team in the era of Coach Platini, losing 3–2 in a match during the qualifier for the World Cup 90 in Scotland. He was the only and solo presence in Blue. Thierry Laurie’s record in Sorax? 82 games and 15 goals.

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