Former English players warn of the dangers of head games

Former English players warn of the dangers of head games

Nine former English professional players, including two former internationals, wrote to the Secretary of State for Sports Olivier Dowden on Wednesday, asking the government to look into the relationship between head and neurological diseases. Signatories, including former international defensive midfielder Peter Reid, and Viv Anderson, rely exclusively on a study by the University of Glasgow on former Scottish football players that showed they had an average of 3.5 times to die of a neurodegenerative disease. More likely.

“Even if the study specifies that there is no established link” Between head and neurological disorders, they want the government ” A possible link (and) examines whether the current guidelines are appropriate for the protection of players at all levels of the competition ”.

Five 1966 world champions present cases of dementia

The move was also made public two days after experts assured Nobi Styles’ family that he died in October at the age of 78 and that his last years of dementia were brain damaged. By many chiefs created during his career. Overall, five members of the 1966 World Champion team have dementia cases, among them Bobby Charlton, who was also Styles’ partner at Manchester United, where they together won the European Champions Club Cup. In 1968.


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