France’s XV could win the tournament if … – 6 nations

Le XV de France peut remporter le Tournoi si…

Winner over Welsh with an offensive bonus, the Blues are in contention against Scotland to win the tournament on Friday, which will be their first time since 2010. Here are the conditions.

Before the last match at Stade de France on Friday evening, postponed due to Kovid, Wales are in the lead with 20 points, France 3I With 15 digits. The difference in points is in favor of the Welsh: + 61 against + 41. A necessary condition for winning the tournament: to win an offensive bonus (with at least 4 registered attempts) against the Scots. Then you have to remove the calculator …

XV of France won the tournament:

The Blues make at least 4 tries, synonymous with an offensive bonus point, and win by a margin of at least 21 points.

The Blues make at least 4 tries, are synonymous with an offensive bonus point, and win by 20 points. In this case, the French and Welsh will be tied on points (20 each) and goal average. In the first place the decision will be made by the number of attempts made. Welsh has registered 20, French 15. Olivon and his colleagues have made at least 6 attempts in this case to win the tournament.

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XV of France shares first place with Welsh:

The Blues score 5 tries, is synonymous with an offensive bonus point, and wins 20 points from the tally. In this case, the French and Welsh would be fully tied to a trophy shared between the two countries.

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Has France’s XV already beaten Scotland by a margin of 21 points or more?

Yes. Eight times in the history of a confrontation between two teams. In the tournament, the Blues won 47–20 in 1997, 16–51 in 1998, 38–3 in 2003, 0–31 in 2004, 46–19 in 2007, 6–27 in 2008. Outside the tournament, France dominated the XV du Chardon 51 to 9 during the XV Day 2003 World Cup. And, in 2019, he dominated in the preparation match for the Japanese World Cup, 32 to 3 in Scotland, Nice.

As a reminder, the last three collision scores, all played in Edinburgh: 17–14, 28–17, 15–22. Or two Scottish victories for a French success.

What is at stake for Scotland?

The Caledonian team are in fourth place with 11 points before their final match. Ireland, on the other hand, is in second place with 15 points. To finish second in Wales, their best ranking in the tournament since their win in 1999, Scotland would have to beat France with a XV point to their particular negative target average with a minimum margin of 6 points. In the event of a better win (4 registered registered), Stuart Hogg and his teammates will be sure to finish 2nd.

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