From Brazil to Netherlands: These teams have already qualified for Qatar 2022 – World Cup 2022 in Qatar – Football

From Brazil to Netherlands: These teams have already qualified for Qatar 2022 - World Cup 2022 in Qatar - Football


in the end it was still what i expected happy For “Orange“Thanks to the win against Norway, the Netherlands took a two-point lead over Turkey in Group G, prevented a total write-off and booked their ticket to the World Cup. Earlier, they won 2-2. Montenegro had won Team first matchingThe ball is still given. Target balance: 33:8. Trainer: louis van gala (from July 2021).


“Danish Dynamite” retained its name and split off Group F (Scotland, Israel, Austria, Faroe Islands, Moldova). Denmark broke up in the last group game itself and lost to Scotland. Target balance: 30:3. Trainer: Casper Hazulmand (since 2020).


,blues“In Group D (Finland, Ukraine, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kazakhstan) it was much more difficult: although the French did not lose, they drew three times. Goal balance: 16:3 in seven matches so far. Coach: Didier Deschamps (since 2012).


Belgium placed in Group E (Wales, Czech Republic, Estonia, Belarus) scored only once, and in the last seven games he scored 24:5. Of course, the football world is looking forward to the first big hit from the highly-traded Belgium again in 2022. Coach: Roberto Martinez (since 2016).


It was a one-on-one race in Group H: for the first time. showdown On 14 November the Croatians beat Russia 1–0 and perfected the straight qualification. Bitter for the Russians: the goal for the Croatians was a goal of their own. This was only possible in the first game of the group in Slovenia (Slovakia, Slovenia, Cyprus, Malta). Team a Luka Modric As the player who lost the pitch. 23 points, 21:4 goals from ten matches. Trainer: zlatko dalik (since 2017).

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In Group A too, the decision was taken in the last game itself: Serbia sent the favored Portugal to the country with a 2-1 win playoffs, It was Portugal’s only but decisive defeat. Both teams Going into the final with 17 points, Portugal’s goal difference was slightly better. However, this did not help Ronaldo & Co in the end. Trainer: dragon stojkovic (since 2021).


Six wins, one draw, one loss, 15:5 goals: Spain Display In Group B (Sweden, Greece, Georgia, Kosovo) was solid but not outstanding. 19 points, 15-5 goals in eight matches. Trainer: luis enrique (since 2019).


Lucas Paqueta Vaughn Olympic Leon Brazil was the first team from South America to reach the World Cup final. Neymar provided the opening task, but had no further goals in this clash with Colombia. It was Brazil’s eleventh win in the twelfth game. Trainer: Tight (since 2016).


Ornate, but efficient. Argentina secured their ticket to Qatar with a 0–0 draw against the Brazilians four days before the end of South American qualification. Lionel Messi & Co has missed a goal in qualifying for six matches – but only rarely appears. Coach: Lionel Scaloni


In the end it was just a matter of form for England: in the last game”three lions“10-0 win over San Marino and clear first in Group I (Poland, Hungary, Albania, Andorra, San Marino). Records: no losses, 26 points, 39: 3 goals. Coach: Gareth Southgate (since 2016).


European champions Italy missed out on straight qualification as Switzerland missed their Chance Used and Italy just didn’t. “Nati” scored three points in the dramatic “long-distance final” against Bulgaria, while Italy only scored in Northern Ireland. delivered played. Switzerland won Group C (bottom of the group: Lithuania) ahead of Italy, who went on to playoffs got to. Coach: Murat Yakin (since 2021).

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