Gabriel Clemens wins German duel with Nico Kurz in Darts World Cup

Gabriel Clemens wins German duel with Nico Kurz in Darts World Cup

FFor Gabriel Clemens, an impressive victory in the first German Darts duel in World Cup history is said to be only the opening shot. After 3: 1 against friend Nico Kurz, Scottish world champion Peter Wright should be beaten after the Christmas holidays. “Of course I want to give a tough fight to Peter Wright, then we’ll see,” The German Giant said, “as Clemens is called. When asked how he assesses the opening match against Wright , He said: “There is nothing better for me. I am absolutely happy with the draw.”

The encounter with Kurz offered excitement and strong moments – also from Kurz. The 23-year-old Hesse checked 160, 123 and 161 points one after the other to secure the second set. But it was not enough for them to participate more in the second World Cup. “It is a shame that the duel was already in the second round. Still, it was a good game that you could see and hopefully German darts bring the game a little further, ”summarized Kurz for Sport 1.

In the wake of the new Corona travel restrictions, it is open to both when and how they can travel to Germany. Clemens, 37, is his girlfriend and will definitely stay on the island over the holidays. Then there is the bonus game against defending champion Wright, who came on stage as a “grinch” at the start of the World Cup. He was “completely relieved”, Clemens said. He surprisingly lost his opening match at Alexandra Palace in the previous year.

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