Gentlemen’s Goon Game – 11FREUNDE

Gentlemen's Goon Game - 11FREUNDE

Scots are tough dogs, he says. Matt Fagerson is one of them. The 23-year-old has dropped the next English striker to his feet – tackling from hip height. As the combined well of over 200 kg hit the Rumped Green, a bunch of other players ran. It gets confusing. Even so, it still seems to be about the ball. A throat as referee Ben O’Keefe use it Sorry, the game is really on. At least for a few seconds – until the next players bump into each other.

Scotland vs England? That’s where it comes down to, of course. In general, the moves on the island are quite different, not every close duel is called off immediately. It is possible Only: It’s not about football. Not now. Matt Fagerson is a professional rugby player – one who puts the legend of a particularly strong Scots into perspective. Because the bottom 30 men at Murefield in Edinburgh are strong because of their career choices. With the final minutes of the game underway, the hard-defending Scots’ narrow lead is rocking right.

Sporting events with millions of spectators – not in Germany

The duel between the two neighbors took place in early February and marked the beginning of the so-called six nations In the annual tournament, France, Italy, Wales and Ireland compete for the crown of European rugby, along with England and Scotland. The game is played in a league system, with home law changes. And so it is that stadiums across the continent are filled with rugby fans. In Edinburgh it was a good 67,000. There are questions. For example: What does it say about the German sporting scene when a tournament of this magnitude goes completely unnoticed? AND: Where exactly does the widespread ubiquity of football in Germany come from?

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No question, nobody likes rugby, let them follow. But it makes sense, especially for those interested in football, to take a closer look at the matter. The two sports not only have similarities such as ball, lawn and, to a lesser extent, the idea of ​​the game, but also initially shared the same history. From the early to mid-19th century – gymnastics was still a priority in Germany – there was a sort of chaos in British ball sports. Some kicked the ball, others pushed it, and still some added a few punches. That changed only in 1863, when the British Football Association (FA) established, from which some clubs split after eight years so that rugby football union to compete against each other. Suddenly, football and rugby were two separate sports, each with its own set of rules.

Nevertheless, what was then considered rugby has little to do with doubles today. six nations to do. Because modern rugby rules are the result of a decades-long process. So when Matt Fagerson cleared one Englishman after another in February so that it was still ringing in television viewers’ ears, he followed a strict set of rules: the so-called I,The Laws of Rugby Union”. law, Which is generally respected by rugby players – a matter of honour. It is not in vain that the island says: I,Football is a game for gentlemen played by hooligans, rugby union is a game for hooligans played by gentlemen.” In short, rugby players have decency, football players are dolts.

So, in England, football and rugby coexist, the same is true in France. On the other hand, no sport in Germany even comes close to football. Why so? I,First, cultural differences,” Dr. Robert Gugutzer, Professor of Sports Sociology at the University of Frankfurt. From a historical point of view, the development of ball sports in Germany and England can hardly be compared. Individual sports in England would have differentiated long ago – tied to social classes. I,For example, football initially had something elitist about it. Later, the same was true of rugby.

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