Gerard leads the Rangers to the title

Gerard leads the Rangers to the title

The long wait is over: Glasgow Rangers have ended arch rival Celtic’s streak and are Scottish football champions for the first time since 2011.

Team manager Steven Gerrard glides over his belly in a white shirt and black suit on the floor of the beer-soaked cabin to cheer his stars. After a long nine-year, nine-month and 20-day wait, the Cheers of Glasgow Rangers knew no boundaries. The 55th Scottish Championship was not yet perfect when coach Gerrard made a “diver”.

After 3–0 (2–0) against St Mirren, the record champions saw rivals over Celtic – and the “everlasting” contestant favored the Rangers on Sunday: After a disappointing 0–0 performance at Dundee United, the first champion Since 2011 was perfect for the Blues.

“I have no words to describe my team,” Gerrard said the day before, “They took me on a beautiful journey. This club was in hell – now it’s back. And we more Wanna, I’m still hungry. “

After 28 wins and four draws in 32 matches of the season without a loss, the Rangers still cannot be eliminated from the top of the table with six matches. This nine championships culminated after the proud Celtic series (51 titles), the tenth coup, thus missing the record “Brayes in Green”.

Rangers fans on Sunday made fun of their opponent with a banner that a plane was flying over Dundee’s Tenadais Park. “Can you see us now? 55 titles”, he wrote on it, “Can you see us now?”

For the Rangers around former Mainz Leon Balogun, the championship after bankruptcy in 2012 and the fall in the fourth division are an exemption. The club returned to the Scottish Premier League in 2016, with Liverpool veteran Gerrard (40) joining in 2018. The man now considered a potential heir to Jurgen Klopp by the Reds has won his first coaching title.

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Despite the ban, thousands of fans gathered in front of Ibrox Stadium on Saturday and celebrated with Bengali fire. The Scottish government reprimanded the supporters, with the police closing both eyes. Gerrard greeted the supporters from the leaning cabin window and asked them to remain “polite”. But the title was hardly correct when fireworks rockets were re-installed.


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