Germany to meet Hungary in EM 2021

Germany to meet Hungary in EM 2021

The Hungarian national team is the third German rival in the preliminary round at EM next year. The two-time sub-world champion qualified for the European Championship for the fourth time with a dramatic 2: 1 (0: 1) in the playoffs against Iceland.

Hungary were quickly behind due to a mistake by Leipzig goalkeeper Peter Gulesi on a free kick by Jiffy Sigurdsson (11th). But two late goals from Loic Nego (88th) and Dominic Szabozlai (90th + 2) secured an EM ticket. (Overview of EM playoff results)

In Group F, Hungary will be the final opponent of the German team in the preliminary round on 23 June in Munich. Earlier, Keeper Gulasi’s team will face defending champion Portugal and world champion France.

Northern Macedonia, which qualified for the European Championship for the first time, wrote football history. Slovakia is participating in Scotland for the second time in a row since 1996. Since 1998, Scotts has always missed a big tournament.

Shoten-keeper celebrates late

The Scots are rewarded for 5-4 on penalties in a duel with arch-rivals England. After extra time it was 1: 1 (1: 1, 0: 0). Other Euro opponents are world champions Croatia and the Czech Republic. Kenny McLean converted the decisive penalty.

David Marshall then thwarted Alexandar Mitrovich’s effort. But instead of cheering, the 35-year-old looked at the referee and the bank. “Was everything according to the rules? Did I get off the line soon or did I have a leg over the goal line? We really won?”

Referee Antonio Mattoo Lahoz saw the scene again. The wait began, Marshall waved before redaction, pleading: The parade took place according to the rules – and Marshall’s facial expression changed from uncertainty to boundless joy. His delayed cheers turned into an internet hit after a video game.

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“I can’t find the words,” Marshall later said Sky sportsHe laughed during a brief interview before looking at his distinguished peers: “Actually, I don’t want to stand here.” The reporter then fired him and joined the party in the martial class.

Scott celebrates cabin party

Scottish footballers celebrated their biggest success for nearly a quarter of a century with an unforgettable cabin party. The disco evergreen “Yes Sir, I Boogie” by Bacara, sung by Bravehearts and danced at the Catcom of the National Stadium in Belgrade. With tears flowing as well as one or the other alcoholic drinks, the motto was clear: Scotland is back!

“Usually we fail at the last hurdle or fail miserably,” said national coach Steve Clarke after a 5: 4 drama in the final of the draw against host Serbia. What meant was the occasional bizarre qualifying rounds for previous tournaments. And this time too, Scott himself seemed to travel.

Shortly before the game began, the Scots led by Ryan Christie (52nd), before the play began. In the final leg, the Scots rarely gave a dangerous kick to Corner, followed by ex-Frankfurt Luka Djokovic (90th).

After Marshall’s decisive parade, Parmanand followed – with a delay. “I don’t know how we did it,” said Marshall, who lives with Derby County, England’s second division.

North Macedonia Makes History – Scotland Dramatically

In the finals of the world number 65 Football Dvarva, Georgia defeated Georgia 1-0 (0-0) in Toussi. Old Star Goran Pandev (37) scored the winning goal (56th) from the Italian First Division club FC Genoa, earning the “Red Lions” participation in a major tournament for the first time. North Macedonia will play in Group C against the Netherlands, Ukraine and Austria from Euro (11 June to 11 July 2021).

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The Slovakians, along with Bundesliga players Peter Perekarić (Hertha BSC) and Ondrej Duda (1. FC Köln), won 2: 1 (1: 1, 1: 0) after extra time in Northern Ireland and met Spain in the EM Group E , Sweden and Poland. Juraj Kukka (17th) and Micheal Durris (110th) won.


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