GM Brett Wich: Chiefs have ‘some good young corners’

GM Brett Wich: Chiefs have 'some good young corners'

For yet another year, this Kansas City Chiefs Entering the regular season with questions on the cornbuck.

Part of the problem both this year and last is the NFL suspension. Cornback c Morris Clayborn The deferred list opened last season, while current chiefs Cornbach c Bashaud Briland The 2020 campaign will begin with four games on the suspended list.

But it’s also because chiefs – by accident or design – haven’t invested much resources in Cornbacks, preferring instead to invest in other parts of the team. It didn’t work out exactly Badly. In 2018, the team’s pass defense allowed the opposing quarterback passer rating 92.7 (12th best in the league), leading to an improvement of 80.8 (fifth best) during their 2019 championship season.

However … fans can get anti when young players are considered to be in a critical position in defense – in potential circumstances when the chiefs will handle Houston Texans Thursday night to open the season at Arrowhead Stadium.

But chief general manager Brett WH – his 2020 team-building assignment is fresh – doesn’t seem to care about young (and new) players who will protect the chief’s best recipients from their opponents.

“We were definitely encouraged by the manner of these individuals,” VH told reporters on Sunday. “Most of you have seen these individuals grow and develop. Naturally, we always have an open conversation – and we always improve our roster – and [bringing in veteran cornerbacks] At the beginning of the camp we had something in mind. And as the camp progressed – and these people really [started] We were encouraged to make some big moves regarding their development. “

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He knows it won’t be an easy task – especially for people of color.

“Now … with Bashaud Brilland out four weeks, we are all aware that there may be some growing pain and some lumps.” But he pointed out that the chiefs had been here before – and the process helped create one of the secondary players on which the team now depends.

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“Think back Charverius Ward, “He said.” When he was forced into a kind of pressure year of action – he learned a lot from it. Seattle Seahawks The game, and they kind of attacked him – but he continued to grow and develop. In it Indianapolis Colts Game, he built on it. And it continues to grow there and develop into a better corner there.

“So I think we’re looking at it in terms of the maturation process with these seniors, where we’ve already seen it in a camp with a guy like Larius Snead. Rashad Fenton in his second year, BoPete Keys – [who] It was a little late there – and Antonio Hamilton, We just got it. But these individuals have just gotten better and better every week. And knowing the plan, staying in all se se no off zoom meetings and knowing what our coaches are asking [of] To them – it will be difficult to copy in a short time. “

In other words, the answer to this kind of problem is not always found in free agency. But Vachch doesn’t always want to rule out that possibility.

“We will always keep watching [at] What is there – if we can be good and how can we be good – but we think we have some good young corners, “he said.” Again, there will be a little education and growth, but the ward is an established corner. is and [with] Snead and Keys – we think they will be very good players. And we’re excited about what Hamilton can do at all stages of the game. We will continue to monitor that situation, but I think we are happy with the competition and talent right now. “


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