Golf: Anne-Lee Lavoie Takes Means to Make Herself Known. game | Sun

  Golf: Anne-Lee Lavoie Takes Means to Make Herself Known.  game |  Sun

Nevertheless, she was very proud of her performance in her US tour, which also gave her the first opportunity to be noticed by American universities. She will try to gain more attention in the coming months in hopes of getting a scholarship to the NCAA program she would like to participate in after her first year of CEGEP.

“That’s my goal, we wanted to tell ourselves. Universities can’t contact us until June 15th, but we can, and I emailed a few people to let me know about my results and who I am The process is only at the beginning, it will become clear in a few months,” explains a fourth-year student in the study-sports-golf program at the Académie Saint-Louis in Quebec.

Anne-Lee has only been playing golf for four years. As soon as his father brought him to the practice ground to bring hit balls with him, he bit him. She has been attending Fred Colgan Golf Academy ever since and her name is one of the group’s top hopes.

“Looks like Anne-Lee is still on a mission. She appears to do her best in front of her. She was happy after her first win, but she told me she could have played less. I guess That she is in her business, diligent in everything related to physical, mental and nutritional preparation. She has a goal in her head and is training to be able to compete with the best players in the world. The mindset is not to miss a blow, and to arrange not to do it again,” says Guillaume Cloutier, his coach at AGFC.

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“I have time to improve, but I also put in a lot of effort and work to improve myself. Golf has become my passion, I play six days a week. My coaches insist that I become a I take the day off because it is important to think and do something else mentally,” she explains.

On the Tour Peggy Kirk Bell, named after a former Professional Golf Hall of Fame player, won a tournament with a cumulative score of -1. Other scores came with round averages of 74 and 75.

“When I got there, it was the first round of my season, I hadn’t played in Quebec yet. I really had no hope, I’m going to implement the technical changes I made to my track this winter to gain distance. wanted to do.

At AGFC, she follows the same path as the younger golfers who are already on the path she wants to take. We think of Anne-Catherine Tangue, Sarah-Ave Rheum, Jean-Philippe Parr and a few others.

“I have beautiful examples before me. He has more experience and I saw that he had a good strategy on the pitch as well. They also have the required shot in their bag depending on the distance,” she analyzed.

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