Good points for Scotland and South Africa

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The final games of the preliminary round of the Rugby World Cup are underway and teams are trying to score as many points as possible for the quarter-finals. Before this, Japan has to play on the weekend, South Africa and Scotland scored well.

It was South Africa and Canada’s turn on Tuesday, although it was currently the last game for the Springboks. He took the match no less seriously, quite the opposite. In the second minute they were already celebrating Damien de Allende’s first try. It was not enough for S’busiso Nkosi and he made second for South Africa in the fifth minute. Canada could hardly keep up with the team’s concentrated power and it just rained points.

canada crush

Further attempts to increase landings in their field in the 10th, 18th, 21st and 28th minutes. The Canadian team got a red card for Josh Larsen in the 36th minute. The first half ended with another effort from the Springboks and a 47–0 crush.

Things didn’t look much better in the second phase. Matt Heaton managed to get Canada’s first point on a try and Peter Nelson again made the high. However, these were the only points for the match and the Springboks had three more attempts. In the end it was 66:7 for South Africa.

America’s performance continues to deteriorate

The first on Wednesday were Argentina and the US. The United States hasn’t indulged itself in glory in the past few games and this time around things have gotten a little better. However, both the teams remained without points for a long time. In just the 18th minute, an attempt was made from Nicolas Sanchez for Argentina. Nicolas Sanchez then made a second attempt in the 24th minute. Then, after the third attempt, the United States scored their first five points just before the break. The second half started with 19:5 for Argentina.

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With three more tries and highs, Argentina extended the lead. The United States followed with a second try and kick. Argentina followed with seven points. The Americans did not give up and actually made another attempt at extra time. In the end this was not enough and he had to leave the field with a score of 47:17.

Perfect game for Scotland

After them it was finally the turn of Scotland and Russia. It quickly became clear that the Russians were outnumbered and the Scots really wanted to score. Adam Hastings made two consecutive attempts in the first 20 minutes. George Horne followed soon after. Without counterpoint and with 21:00 we went into the break.

The Scots then accelerated it even more and did not give Russia a chance to break through. Horn made the next attempt in the 44th minute. Two for Scotland and Horn followed second. Not much happened until just before the end. Scotland scored again in the final minutes with bonus points on the table. Russia had to concede defeat with a disastrous defeat of 61:00. The Scots, on the other hand, still face Japan over the weekend.

Wales and Fiji in yellow card frenzy

Wales and Fiji were in the final round, where it was much tougher than the others. Jisua Tuisova made the first attempt for Fiji in the fourth minute. Soon after, Wells received a yellow card and a time-out for Kane Owens. Fiji took advantage of the small number of players and made another attempt in the eighth minute. However, he was of no use for long, as he turned yellow in the 16th minute and a player was down.

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Wells took advantage of this and immediately made a first attempt with Josh Adams. Unlike Fiji, however, he got extra points. Fiji conceded a second yellow card and Wales took another attempt and heightened.

The second half started with 14:10 and a second yellow card, but this time for Wales. Fiji received a successful penalty attempt for a foul. It was equally hectic, followed by a penalty and a try for Wales. With another try and height, Wales consolidated their lead and won the game 29–17.



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