Harrington and McIlroy see outside opportunities

Harrington and McIlroy see outside opportunities

PEdrag Harrington learned from Bernhard Langer. In 2004, those responsible for the Ryder Cup informed both teams that they would not have to give any autographs to the fans. While the Americans complied with this requirement, German captain Langer instructed his players, including Irishman Harrington, to do the exact opposite: to contact fans as often as possible to satisfy every request for signing.

The “Euros”, who went into this prestigious duel as a formidable underdog, defeated the American hosts in Michigan with an 18½:9½ result, the alleged “underdog”‘s highest ever victory, both at home and at home. Distant .

Cheese hats and special clothes

Fifty-year-old Harrington revived the successful concept at the 43rd edition at Whistling Straits in Haven, Wisconsin. On the second day of training he tried to win over American fans for his team with at least one flashy offensive.

Due to Covid restrictions, autographs are not allowed this time around, but Dubliner came up with something. On Wednesday morning twelve of his European players and their caddies came with huge caps of cheese, which they threw in front of enthusiastic spectators. In addition, “Team Europe” wore green and yellow striped clothing.

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