Hockey: UHC women win at international level – Hamburger Abendblatt

Hockey: UHC women win at international level - Hamburger Abendblatt


UHC Women win at international level – new defensive boss shines

Amy Costello shot UHC for a 2-0 win against Surbiton.

Photo: Withers

In the European Cup ranking tournament, Hockey Women beat Minsk and Surbiton. UHC head coach Persoon praised young Amy Costello.

Hamburg. wanted to scream very loudly in victory amy costello Don’t break out a scot who is an English hockey champion Surbiton HC Defeated with two penalty goals – which could make a good side note from the United Kingdom in the history of the two nations, which are also rich in sporting rivalry.

But the new defense chief Uhlenhorster HC Played for East Grinstead in England for a few years and therefore has no negative feelings for the neighboring country. “But it’s always good to help your club win with goals,” he said after a 2-0 win on Sunday afternoon, with “Uhlen” winning the European Cup ranking tournament at his facility in Wesselblake.

Hockey: EU president arrives at EHF

Mareike Fleuren didn’t have a trophy in his luggage, let alone a prize. The Dutch President of the European Union EHF expressed his thanks to the UHC. Thanks to the hosting of the event, which was reduced to a three-way tournament following the cancellation of Irish champions Pegasus HC.

After all, the hamburgers and their guests from England and Belarus – UHC defeated HC Minsk in the semi-finals on Saturday, 2-1 after goals from Lili Krusler and Sophie Stomps – were plagued by the coronavirus crisis. Since the final tournament of the Euro Hockey League (EHL) had to be reduced from eight to four starters by Easter, the placement tournament that was now held was used to determine the rankings needed for the distribution of starting places for years to come. was determined for.

Johannes Persoon was able to test his team

UHC’s new head coach Johannes Persoon was grateful for the opportunity to test his strong rejuvenated team in an international competition. “Games like these are a nice change from everyday life in the Bundesliga,” said the coach, who was pleased with the significant improvement in his team’s performance within 24 hours.

“We can really use experiences like these to develop further,” said national athlete Emily Wortman, who competed for the first time since the Olympic Games after a four-week break from illness – and admitted that she Only learned the names of a few. Young talents in their final training.

Hockey: Amy Costello Highly Acclaimed

Amy Costello has long made a name for herself with her presence in defense and as a corner shooter. “She brings so much calm and experience,” praised Persoon, which was further proof of her team’s inexperience. After all, Scott is only 23 – but is the third oldest player behind Wortman and goalkeeper Noel Rother (both 25).

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