Hockey: Women of Grossflotbeck want to go to play-offs

Hockey: Women of Grossflotbeck want to go to play-offs


The women of Grossflotbeck want to go to the play-offs

Argentine striker Eugenia Trinchinetti saved Grosflotbecker THGC with a dream goal of 3:3 against Rot-Weiss Koln.

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Thanks to arrivals from Argentina, this season is more possible than relegation. About “Argentina Backhand”.

Hamburg. If you don’t know what the term “Argentine backhand” means in hockey, you should get a record of Bundesliga games among women. Groflotbaker THGC And get Rot-Weiß Köln. The goal with which Eugenia Trinchinetti gave the hosts more than 3:3 points seven minutes before the end of the game can be considered a lesson in two ways.

Not just because the 24-year-old has the Argentina national team. But above all because he demonstrated a stroke version developed in his country, in which the ball is brought onto the goal along the backhand edge of the club shaft with a low center of gravity, with a degree of perfection that is usually only found in Germany. Seen by international strikers like Christopher Ruhr.

Hockey: GTHGC women can do more than just stay

Despite this optical highlight, Katharina Frank did not know whether she should classify the draw as a point win. “When you come back from a 3-1 loss against a top team like Cologne, you have to be content with one point. But I think we could have done more,” said the head coach. In fact, after being guided by Belen Iglesias Marcos, his team invited the guests to score inadvertently before equalizing Monica Polewecz and Trinchinetti.

And even though it was only 1-1 on Sunday against Uhlenhorst Mülheim despite a corner goal from national striker Jett Fleschchutz in the last minute, it was clear the GTHGC women could aim for more than just relegation this season. Newcomers Trinchinetti and Agostina Alonso are good at building the game and, according to Katharina Frank, “they also make sure to let others carry themselves away. The quality of training and play with us is better than last season.” “

Hockey: Women of Uhlenhorster HC top the table

While Grossflotbeck climbed to fourth place in Group B with two draws, the women of Uhlenhorster HC (2–0 against Berliner HC, 4–1 against Lichterfeld) are in Group A and Club en der Ulster (5–5 against Mülheim). 1, 4 : 1 against Cologne) at the top of the table in Group B. For the men, who have all competed, Hamburger is after two victories at Polo Club Mannheim – 4:1 at TSV, 4:3 at MHC – second in Group A, the best of the four Hamburg teams.

Updated on: The Sun, 09/26/2021, at 7.49 pm.

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