Horror Vacation: Who dares to spend the night in this haunted castle?

Horror Vacation: Who dares to spend the night in this haunted castle?

scary holiday
Would you dare to live in this haunted castle for £1000?

Spooky Holiday Deluxe: If you sleep peacefully, you’re not afraid of ghosts.


Only for the particularly brave: in Scotland you can now spend the night in an actual ghost castle. Guaranteed an accommodation with goosebumps…

What happened?

Horror fans can rejoice because there’s a new dream travel destination for them: Plaine Castle in Scotland is a beautiful 14th-century property that now also offers its enchanted basement rooms for overnight stays.

Well, a basement room isn’t scary per se.

That’s what actor Rick Carr thought when he checked out the residence recently and posted a photo of his quarters on Twitter. Not only are there narrow, dark stairs leading directly to the room from a horror movie, but the room has an effortlessly haunting atmosphere.

What’s really so scary in this?

Where should we start? Maybe the low ceilings that make the room look like a dungeon? Antique decor that seems straight out of the Middle Ages? Dangerous axes placed at the head of the bed? Or perhaps with pictures on the walls that smile mysteriously at visitors and walk by themselves at any moment.

OK, this sounds like a ghostly train attraction…

Perfect, except that everything here is really authentic and real and the landlords might not understand why you might feel uncomfortable in this dungeon at night.

And is it really haunted?

This is a 14th century Scottish castle. The first ghost probably went in before the last stone was laid.

And how much does the experience cost?

Scary ain’t cheap – an overnight stay costs 1000 British Pounds, with bookings only possible for at least three nights.

She is standing.

Probably yes – but the palace has also been home to Mary Stuart and Prince Charles in the past; They settle for premium Ghost Lock only. In the video you can see how scary the palace room really is for the visitors.

Source Used: SWNS


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