Hot stages at the Rugby World Cup – Favorite Czechs: that’s how the “All Blacks” & Co. beat themselves

Hot stages at the Rugby World Cup - Favorite Czechs: that's how the
Hot stages at Rugby World Cup – Czech favourites: “All Blacks” & Co. are doing it this way – SPORTS – SRF

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Who else will make it to the quarterfinals of the Rugby World Cup? Shortly before the end of the group stage, we will provide you with a favorite check.


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The players showed great commitment at the Rugby World Cup in Japan.

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This week’s Rugby World Cup in Japan will determine who makes it to the quarter-finals. While some favorites already have one foot in the knockout stage, others will still have to fight hard for it.

As a reminder, only the top two in each group of five make it to the quarterfinals. This is the starting position in the 4 groups before the final game (one team in each group still missing 2 games):

  • Group A: host Japan Great rugby in Asia causes excitement. “Cherry Blossom” Only 1 point deficit after 3 winsTo reach the quarterfinals for the first time. Behind them, Ireland and Scotland (only 2 games) are battling for second place, with the Irish holding the better card. Because: In a direct duel, the in-form favorite defeated the Scots.
  • Group B: The two crown favorites New Zealand (14 points) and South Africa (10) are tied with Italy (10). triathlon, The “All Blacks” have the best starting position as leaders and will also decide the fate of the southern Europeans in their duel against Italy. It’s easy going for South Africa, who meet winless Canada on Tuesday.

Tables before quarter finals

Group A group b group c group d
1. Japan (3/14) 1. New Zealand (3/14) 1. England (3/15) 1. Australia (3/11)
2. Ireland (3/11) 2. South Africa (3/10) 2. France (3/13) 2. Wales (2/9)
3. Scotland (2/5) 3. Italy (3/10) 3. Argentina (3/6) 3. Fiji (3/7)
4. Samoa (3/5) 4. Canada (2/0) 4. Tonga (3/1) 4. Georgia (3/5)
5. Russia (3/0) 5. Namibia (3/0) 5. USA (2/0) 5. Uruguay (3/4)
Recent Matches: Scotland v Russia, Ireland v Samoa, Japan v Scotland Recent matches: South Africa – Canada, New Zealand – Italy, Namibia – Canada Recent matches: Argentina – USA, England – France, USA – Tonga Recent matches: Wales – Fiji, Australia – Georgia, Wales – Uruguay

  • Group C: Same issue here predetermined, England and France are on top after 3 wins and do not give any chance to other teams to progress further. Nevertheless, it will be exciting when the two clash in the top-flight on Saturday.

  • Group D: These 5 teams introduce themselves most balanced, Only 7 digits separate the first and last, in other groups it is 14 or more. still did a trio best odds, Co-favourites Australia (11 points) head into the final game against Georgia. Wells (9) still has 2 games to play and progress in his hands. Secret favorites Fiji (7) will be looking with all their might to prevent it in a direct duel – even if that may be difficult due to the points difference.

The final week of the group stage begins with the South Africa-Canada game on Tuesday at 12:15 PM. The final decision will then be held on Sunday at 12:45 pm with Japan-Scotland.

Broadcast reference: Midday Bulletin, Radio SRF 1, October 6, 2019, 12:40 pm.

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