Hyberian 2-2 Motherwell: Scottish Cup semi-finals with penalty shootout win. Football news

  Hyberian 2-2 Motherwell: Scottish Cup semi-finals with penalty shootout win.  Football news

Hibernian made a sensational comeback from Motherwell to reach the Scottish Cup semi-finals following a penalty shootout at Easter Road.

Motherwell scored twice on a 2–2 draw in the final eight minutes, but Hibs won 4–2 on kicks to reach the bottom for the fourth consecutive Cup campaign.

When Hebden was leaving for the Hampans without much trouble, Jackson Irwin paired with Christian Dodge’s opener with 10 minutes remaining, which was an outside doubt.

But Ricky Lamy and substitute Tony Watt scored to send the game into overtime.

After another tricky 30 minutes, there was more drama. Mark O’Hara was engulfed in flames and Steven Lawless hit a post to put Hibbs in control of the shootout before Motherwell goalkeeper Liam Kelly saved Kevin Nisbett.

Ryan Portholm kept his cool to send Hibs to the semi-finals in two weeks.

How does Habib beat Motherwell …

Lewis Stevenson (left) and Portham celebrate Hib’s victory on penalties

Motherwell continued with the same team and a 3-5-2 lineup that led Hamilton to victory and they came to life only after making some offensive changes in the final quarter of normal time.

Hibernian attacking boys Martin Bole, Nisbett and Dodge had scored 13 goals for their team in the last six matches and looked lively in the opening round.

Boyle and Nisbett each had two dangerous crosses and the latter shot was 22 yards wide.

Motherwell settled at around the half-hour mark and Alan Campbell forced a decent save from Matt Messi after running forward and trading passes with Christian Long.

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Doidge and Irvine took the lead by a large margin in the late half and the visitors upped a gear after the interval before taking the lead in the 52nd minute.

Motherwell players appear disappointed on penalties

Doidge raced on Paul McGinn’s invitational cross and passed for 12 yards to Tyler Magallauer to pass Kelly.

The Dow soon had a great chance when Irwin led Boyle’s cross, but the forward struck Blank Point Range.

When he went to a defender, Davante Cole created a great chance.

Graham Alexander was brought forward in Watt, who recently vanished due to persistent heel problems, and attacked midfielder Lawless, and fired defender Maglauer and presenter Robbie Crawford.

But Hibs was two ahead. A deep cross from the left eventually fell to Boyle, who narrowed it for Nisbett after being faced by Kelly. Amid the forward appeal, Irvine fired a shot that helped him enter from inside the six-yard penalty area.

Motherwell responded within two minutes. A corner fell on the other side of the box to Lamy and he deadlocked a crowd into a round mouth and away corner of the net.

The visitors equalized with two minutes remaining when Watt made his way to the loop home of Stephen O’Donnell.

Porto (left) and Tirer Marciano full-time
Porto (left) and Tirer Marciano full-time

Joe Newell had a chance to win for Hibbs, but Kelly saved another half-hour of action.

Motherwell kept attacking training that brought him back into the game and this allowed for an open overtime.

O’Donnell almost scored another goal, but Lawless and Cole did not cross their invite and Kelly brilliantly left Biel for three minutes after a tussle between Declan Gallagher and Nathan McGinley.

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In the moments after Hibs’ McGinley replacement, the Fritters took Melker Hallberg, who appeared to be kicking in the back.

A scuffle match ensued and a yellow card for Motherwell full-back and another yellow card for Alex Gogic, who were to watch their team win from the locker room.


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