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Dakens Nazon, author of a hat-trick in 39 minutes for his first match with Cavili-Rouen against Amiens, signed off on his return to Ligue 2 in cannonball mode, before facing Dijon this Saturday. A fair reward for those who are slowly recovering from Covid and the utterly failed Gold Cup with Haiti. Interview with the Duke of Normandy.

After your hat-trick against Amiens, did you know that you made history in Ligue 2?
Inexplicably, I saw stuff on Twitter.

You are the second Haitian player to score a hat-trick in a Ligue 2 match after Jeff Lewis with AS Nancy-Lorraine in 2014, you also became the third player in the league to score a hat-trick in his first match with a new club. 2 after Nicolas Gouse at FC Nantes in 2007 and Abraham Gui (Tours FC) in 2010. And you scored the first hat-trick for a Quivilly Rouen Metropole player in Ligue 2. What does this represent for you?
Ah anyway! (laughs) that’s wonderful ! It is always good to leave your mark somewhere, it will pass through time and ages. Even when I’m not there, my name will be seen until someone removes it! I am proud and happy.

The icing on the cake, you go out under the ovation of Unicorn Stadium!
It was strong! I wasn’t expecting it, it’s a beautiful mark of respect for the Amiens public. The only time I saw this, Ronaldinho got a standing ovation from the velodrome, you can imagine (laughs). That’s great, especially since we’ve had to deal with audience absences in recent months. But when the ovation comes from the opposing audience, it’s even better! I hope I have brought joy to the supporters and I look forward to repeating such performances every weekend.

What did you do with the match ball?
All my teammates signed it and I left it with my father. I have to build a room where I plan to wear the jersey that I picked up in selection or in the club and my trophies that I won in my childhood. So the ball will naturally take its place.

Your coach said you weren’t physically ready yet, yet you did a lot of damage in the Amiens defense…
It is true that physically I am not fully developed yet. I caught covid a few weeks ago and I still have a lot of work to do. I am a person of great character and that helped me take charge of the game. I am feeling much better but I continue to work with a physical trainer. I still have a few pounds to lose and the club won’t let go, the staff is there to help me. I hope to get back to my max as soon as possible.

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The only time I saw that was Ronaldinho who got a standing ovation from the velodrome.Dukes Nazon

You have already scored several goals with Laval in the 2015-2016 season (three pawns in the 2015/2016 season), which is your last in Ligue 2. What are your goals this season?
The collective remains the most important. We’re not going to hide, QRM is aiming for maintenance this year. We are promoted, we must remain humble and not start inventing life. We have high goals, we should aim as high as possible. Personally, I avoid setting multiple goals to plant. All you have to do is score maximum. And to be successful, I have to give myself the means.

You have traveled a lot in recent seasons (India, England, Belgium, Scotland). Was it obvious to come back to France?
Not at all, because I got many opportunities abroad. The coach (Bruno Erles) was able to convince me, he told me that I would find the consistency I have been looking for in QRM for a short period of time. I told myself I was going to bring something else to this team. Initially I didn’t even have to sign the QRM, it was done at the last minute. I am happy with my choice, even though I had contacts in Spain, Belgium and other Ligue 2 clubs. I talked to the coaches of the “big teams”. I also surveyed from right to left and got only positive opinions from Cuvéli-Ruen.

Was the weather one of the criteria?
(laughs) Not even ! Whether it’s raining, windy or snowing, it won’t stop me from scoring goals. The weather is more painful for the supporters than for me. They are the ones who have to bear all this in the stands.

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Let’s talk a little bit about selection. Was it a disappointing finish in the Gold Cup group stage after losing in the semi-finals to Mexico two years ago?
It’s disappointing, of course. But so much has changed, it’s a shame. We were able to create a family that was long lasting. In 2019, we came to flourish. The chorus is well known, when you put on a phenomenal performance, it’s hard to reproduce the same thing. You have to raise your head to reproduce that perfect. Two years ago against Mexico, we were robbed! Everyone said we don’t deserve to go out like this. There was more whistle than a questionable penalty, but it’s football. For this version, we should forget it and focus on the next version.

You became the third top scorer in selection history (24 pawns). Are you going to beat Emmanuel Sanon’s goal record (47)?
I would like ! I feel capable of it, I’m 27, I still have something under the pedal. Later, in their time, they were not the same opponents. If I had played in his time, I would have put 70! I will give myself the means and whenever I wear the Haiti jersey I keep this goal in my head.

What is your ultimate dream with Haiti?
It is every footballer’s dream to participate in the World Cup. After that the Gold Cup final is not bad either. Winning the title with Haiti would be the Holy Grail. It would be a great gift to the Haitian public. There people are crazy about football, this is their life. When selection comes into play, life stops, everyone watches the game. It is something that is beyond us. Haitian football is yet to develop. I would really like more players to leave the country to go to Europe and play. The situation in the country makes it complicated due to security. I remain optimistic that this will change.

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What exactly should be changed?
A lot of things… you have to have the infrastructure first, invest in football. Having players is a good thing, but for this, infrastructure, education have to be left behind. It is missing in Haiti and I would really like to participate in the development of football there. You should know that nothing comes easy in Haiti when you want to do something.

If I had played in the days of Emmanuel Sanon, I would have scored 70 goals.Dukes Nazon

Last April, you announced on Twitter you were investing for a project in Haiti, can you tell us more?
I can’t say more, let me just say that it is related to tourism and it will be by sea. This is a very big project that I look forward to realizing. This will put Haiti in the spotlight, it’s overwhelming!

Interview by Annalie Simon


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