“I was given a heart for girls.”

Luckily, Serge Leblanc is a bon vivant and positive by nature, as he would have every reason to be sad in the world these days.

Currently in compulsory imprisonment, the most well-known instrument attendant at Acadia has agreed to give us a synopsis on his Wednesday, April 21, a day he considers going through the worst phase of his career.

For those who missed the news, the government of Nova Scotia decided last Wednesday to cancel the World Women’s Hockey Championship to be held jointly in Halifax and True from 6 to 16 May. The reason given is definitely damn COVID-19, preventing it from being cordoned off for the last 13 months.

Still, although some girls could not hide their nervousness, everyone was smiling when they showed up at the Scottishbank center in the morning. It was an important day for the national program.

A final intra-team match is scheduled at 1 pm. Then, a few hours later, the senior management had to announce the 25 players selected to represent the country at the World Cup. The game plan quickly ended in garbage.

He said, “In the afternoon I received a text in big letters, in which there was an emergency meeting with support staff, medical team and coaches. This is where we learned how to cancel the tournament. The senior management wanted us to know first of all that we could help the players who had to learn the news after us, ”said Serge Leblanc.

“In fact, he made the announcement for the group of leaders at the club first, before the other players. All in all, I would say it took about 20 minutes for everyone to be aware. We were all in shock, including the senior management. Someone We had not seen such an announcement coming. We had a last meeting on Zoom at 5 pm, where Tom Rainey and Scott Smith tried to make it all clear, “One is affectionately known as Bio.

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“It was one of the most difficult days in my career. Losing a gold medal game is tough, but it’s worse when you don’t have a chance to compete. I was a heart breaker for girls. “The youngest are blocked in their development, while this was their last meeting before hanging up their skates in the oldest tournament,” says Lebanon.

“I know that Hockey Canada has announced to host the tournament later this year and I hope that will happen. I also hope that Hockey Canada will make an announcement soon. Because right now, the girls don’t know Is this train worth continuing. They need a date to ensure that they get peak fitness on time for the tournament. Currently, the answers to their questions are zero, “he says.

Serge Leblanc is back in New Brunswick since Thursday and immediately left himself in a hut belonging to an uncle of his wife.

“I’m isolated until Thursday of next week,” he says. Since I have my computer, I can do my work for the Universe de Moncton. I am working on the budget of the sports teams for the next year. Still, I can’t wait to get out of here to hug my family and play my children. “

He said, “I am also looking forward to playing the first round of golf. A friend of mine, Philippe Pourier, came to hate me at the end of the week in front of the chalet to show me his golf bag. He was going to play a round in Sussex. Note that if I had been in his place, I would probably have done the same to him.

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