ICE basic rounds brought more bets for basicEHV players

ICE basic rounds brought more bets for basicEHV players

Despite the high number of Legionnaires, the regular round of the ICE Ice Hockey League ended on Sunday brought more bets for Austrian players. According to league statistics, on average, one local professional per team was on more ice in the 2019/20 season. The home goalkeepers also got more time.

Accordingly, an average of 11.7 Austrian players have been used per game season so far, with the value being 10.7 in the previous season. “The clubs dealt with the difficult situation very responsibly and planned the squad from many different perspectives. It is important to note that the average number of transfer card players among the eight Austrian teams has decreased this season and accordingly, more home appliances have been used.“Explained Feichinger, the league’s managing director.

A total of 107 legionnaires were deployed in eight Austrian clubs, but since they were active in Austria for only a few weeks, according to league figures, the average number of transfer card players dropped from 9.6 to 8.4. “In addition to collaborating with top addresses in international ice hockey, it was possible to get a certain degree of flexibility to hire players on loan and – to conclude cheaper import contracts – than in years past.Feichinger justified a total of three points.

Time spent by HEHV goalkeepers has increased

The proportion of Austrian U24 players was similar (4.7 per game per team), but the time spent by Austrian goalkeepers has increased. They were on ice 36.8 percent of the season, a significant increase compared to the previous season (28.5 percent). “We will certainly have a lot of fun in the future born during the epidemic.“, Emphasized Managing Director Feichinger, who also emphasized that ICE”One of a few leagues“is,”Which was able to successfully execute all the previously planned games“.

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