ICE Hockey League: Salzburg brings Vienna Capital to its knees – Winter Games – Ice Hockey

ICE Hockey League: Salzburg brings Vienna Capital to its knees - Winter Games - Ice Hockey

In the 8th pick round of the ICE Hockey League, Red Bull Salzburg prevailed against the Vienna Capitals. Mozartstadt wins by 3: 2 (1: 0, 2: 0, 0: 2) and wins over the final invasion of Viennese over time.

The first third is characterized by several penalties from the Viennese, with the home side taking the lead in the first outnumber game. Skille (3./PP) keeps an overview in front of goal and scores 1-0 for Salzburg. As a result, the Capitol destroys the flow of the game with further penalty time.

The Viennese come out of the cabin better in the second section, but scored the next goal in the 27th minute. Raffle (27.) hit a little from the right to make it 2–0, his shot being converted into his own goal by the Viennese skate.

The next setback for the Capitol is only 48 seconds later. A shot from Heinrich on the smoking jungle (27./PP) line – 3: 0! The first good chance for the guests is Vukovits (33.), he brings a disc with Lamoureux not one but a goalkeeper.

Salzburg survived the final offensive

The Vienna Capitals found their way into the game through a tight check in the final third and the invaders can always be trapped in the third, but in the long run nothing of it matters.

After 54 minutes of play, the time has come: Artner (54./PP) shortened to 1: 3 in the power play. He signifies a shot by Vukovits for Lamoureux precariously in the gate.

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Salzburg again came on the Viennese best stage. Starkbaum can fire a powerful shot from Pallstrang (57th). Raffle then waived the counterattack, failing because of a heavy backlash from the Capitals goalkeeper.

In the 59th minute, Lonnie (59th) thrills again, hitting the left corner with a twist.

The final minutes are dramatic, as Espland (59th) receives a penalty shortly before the end. Even with two more men, the Caps can no longer equal, Salzburg brings victory over time.

Salzburg are now four points ahead of third-placed Fehwer and the Capitals and will play their final pick-round on Friday, in which they can recover the right to take.

KAC playoffs quarter-finals home safe

HC Bojan would have to accept a second bankruptcy against KAC in the second pick-round clash. “Fox” loses home 2: 3 (1: 2, 1: 0, 0: 1) and has to give up after three consecutive wins.

The home side gets a better start. After 91 seconds, Katenkesh (2) gave Fox an edge. After a perfect pass from Halmo, he runs to Dahm alone and can cross it. But then the Red Jackets get better and better in the game. Shortly after Ticker (11th) returns from the penalty bench on the ice, he becomes 1: 1.

Only moments later, KAC punched one or two. Wallant (12th) rebounded 2: 1 for the guests. This tour takes you to the first break.

The middle third is marked by some penalties on both sides. First, however, Robertson (24th) fails on pole. The flow of the game is destroyed due to the power plays of both teams, most of the games are not really dangerous.

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Bojan equalized 26 seconds before the second break. Robertson (40./PP) scores 2–2 in the power play. With his shot from the left, Frank interrupts the KAC goalkeeper’s approach and hits a window goal.

KAC starts better in the final third, but there are no compelling prospects to watch. In the 52nd minute, Fraser (52./PP) scored the deciding goal, was spot on with a rebound and made it 3–2. Almost in turn, Fox has no good chance if Ghazale (53rd) fails in Dahm.

KAC did not win undesirably, finishing second in the pick-round with 12 points, and quickly took home possession in the quarter-finals of the playoffs. HC Bojan topped the table with 18 points.

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