Ice Hockey – March 17, 1924: European champion of France ice hockey

17 mars 1924 - La France championne d’Europe de hockey sur glace

BIATHLON – It all started in Kontiolahti, Finland. Martin Fourcade won his first World Cup in 2010. It is in Kantiolahti that it all ends.

It happened on March 14, 2020

He announced it, the discovery being the last of his career. After no less than thirteen world titles, five Olympic coronations and seven large crystal globes, the French biatheli said stop. And again, we didn’t talk about the small globes of specials. Because he recovered 26 anyway.

Contolihatti’s chase on March 14, 2020 is the final race on a long list. Martin Fourcade Full circle, on the same event where he won a gold medal in the World Cup for the first time nine years ago. And to close this loop completely, for the last time, it is necessary. Following an excellent 10/10 to start the race, the 2018 Olympic flag bearer quickly led, along with Emilyn Jacqueline, Quentin Fillon Maillet And Johannes Bo. A later mistake for the French, Norway makes three. In the last shot, Catelyn left the penalty ring for two laps. But opposing failures, accumulated leadership and his speed in skiing still allowed him to win. In his wake, he brought Emilyn Jacqueline and Quentin Filon Maillet to the podium for a French treble. Come on, do the whole race again! But if you wish, you can proceed to celebrate the arrival.

Information: The following weekend’s events have been canceled due to coronaviruses, so the race is the final of the season for the general classification. Martin Fourcade finished second behind Johannes Bo in double digits in this short game. We were not really away from 8Th Big globe.

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