Idea team

Idea team

This will not go away, as the end of the season will arrive early to confirm that the game results fully reflect the economic situation. But this is the week of ideals and we can dream that the world will be better, after surviving the worst. As the Super League would not exist, let’s hope it doesn’t allow the spirits either and that football news can be seen through the prism of mastodons who always magnetize the best players first.

No, Erling Halland does not have to leave Dortmund this summer to become a star in Manchester or Madrid, among others, as he has to leave a deep mark in front of the yellow wall that he has seen so few crowds of his coming. Since January 2020. Yes, Monaco must put its best talents and turn its back on speculative logic, which has already made it too expensive. The lure of the L1 depends on it, as no one would have dreamed of establishing a Super League if all the championships were as competitive as this French season.

If nothing changes, the worst will happen in the end

Forced to follow an economic model that has yet to prove its lifelessness, intermediate clubs can no longer be content to be simple stepping stones that leave players blazing for three months. This is the only way to re-create a deep bond with their supporters and truly regain their place in the landscape.

It is not only that the leagues are open because the problem is not diminished by the fact that the Glasgow Rangers, champions of Scotland, are not certain to play C1 next season. The saddest thing is that they will be crushed, if they are partying, as the rift has widened and travel in Scotland is now harmless folklore. If nothing changes, the worst will happen in the end because football, threatened by the greed of some leaders, will not be protected forever by their arrogant stupidity. How to change then? Since the white knight in this costume will not last long, the politician will have to join in to slow down the economic headlog rush. It is complicated, but it seems to be the week of ideals.

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