IFAB wants to rule handball again

IFAB wants to rule handball again

Munich – When is a hand movement unnatural, and when is handball a punishable offense? This question concerns not only the spectators, players and referees, but also the members of the International Football Association Board (IFAB).

Despite video evidence by IFAB in recent years and following more and more regulations on criminal liability of video games in hand – no longer been transparent, an adjustment should now ensure greater clarity in football.

“Sportschu” has listed what changes are to be decided in the IFAB General Assembly next Friday. In principle, referees should be given more freedom in their decisions.

IFAB: three points in focus

  • For example, the arms are stretched above or above the height of the shoulder, if the ball touches a part of the body, it should not in itself mean a punitive hand play.
  • In the future, the referee should again be able to more freely assess whether the position of an arm is a natural movement such as a backward movement.
  • In general, regulation should be simplified, as it created confusion and ambiguity, particularly in the amateur field, and resulted in criticism.

UEFA President Seferin supports adaptation

UEFA President Alexander Safferin has already called for the return of the old regulation, as it was before 2019. He prepared FIFA in an open letter about President Gyani Infantino, of which the US news agency “AP” quoted.

“Trying to be strict about something when it is a handball and when it has not resulted in many unfair decisions. It is frustrating and confusing to many. It would be no shame to accept that the changes Should not and should not have the desired effect. Be reconsidered. “Says Slovenian.

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In order to finally decide about the change in handball rules, a three-quarter majority in a vote in the General Assembly is required. In addition to the four FIFA representatives headed by Infantino, the presidents of four British League associations from Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland are also entitled to vote.

The changes that have been decided then will be effective from the 2021/22 season.

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