Imbralio around the release of Kovid and International in a time of compulsory separation

Imbralio around the release of Kovid and International in a time of compulsory separation

It is a circular that does a lot of talking and which can be at the core of disputes between clubs and national selections. Last August, due to the epidemic, FIFA relaxed the rules, not allowing clubs to make their players available for selection.A period of quarantine or at least five days of self-isolation is mandatory. ” Upon his return to the club.

This circular, renewed on 5 February, amends FIFA’s rules, which usually provide for a club “After a player is registered this player must make it available to the federation of the country, for which the player is eligible based on his nationality, if he is called into question by the association. Any contrary agreement between a player and a club is prohibited. “.

This provision is “Mandatory for all international match periods in the international match calendar “.

Clubs seize and participate in violations left to them by regulations

Taking advantage of this exemption, French professional clubs have decided to retain their non-European players, or who were to play matches in countries outside the European Union. “We can understand the interests of each: clubs definitely want to protect the health of their players and rely on their entire workforce for the championship, but want their best players for the selection major competitions “, Says Ma, tre Antoine Semaria, a lawyer specializing in sports law.

The clubs seized the violations left by them as per the rules and participated in it to retain their players. We are probably seeing the beginning of litigation “, he adds.

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Response to invitation after deadline?

Senegal is one of those selections that feels anguish. Twelve players who played in France, including Paris’ Idrissa Gan Guey and Abdo Diallo, should have joined the Lions de la Teranga. In a letter to the French Football Federation, the Senegal Federation complained to players about the failure to meet the deadline to respond to summons – calling it “Discriminatory” – and asks that their internationals take part in the next Can playoff matches against Congo in Breesville and Iswatini in Thi├Ęs on 30 March.

She says she sent the summons to the respective players on 5 March, but did not receive a response until 17 March, as well as a press release from the Professional Football League indicating that the clubs had agreed not to release their players. However, according to FIFA rules, the club has six days to respond to the player’s summons. “We are here in the presence of a legal imbroglio, which can cause a problem. FIFA will have to settle this dispute“, Says Master Semaria.

In other European leagues, Germany has exempted its Premier League players, allowing Joakim Lowe to select Timo Werner, Ilkay Gundogan and Kai Havert. On the other hand, Bayern Munich did not intend to leave Robert Lewandowski at the end of March, nor did David Alaba for Poland matches in England and Austria in Scotland at the end of March.

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In England, Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola reportedly wants to retain his Portuguese players, who are due to play a game in Serbia outside the European Union.


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