In 2021, be inspired by Abhay.

En 2021, soyez inspirés avec Abbey.

Ireland and the UK offer a full range of options for your groups, From chain shows to special interest itineraries. In our inspiring thoughts you will find:

  • Musical performance

On an exciting journey to some of Europe’s most beautiful places with its choir, pomp, or orchestra, which includes cathedrals, churches and palaces. For example, attend the famous St. Patrick’s Day Celebration! Share these memorable moments with local groups and develop a friendship that lasts a lifetime. Follow in the footsteps of St. Patrick in Ireland, or learn more about the Protestant Reformation in Scotland. Take the opportunity to visit some of the major sites associated with Irish and British saints and perform your devotions. Live unique experiences while combining prayer and reflection.

  • competitive spirit

Bring your sports group to Ireland and the UK and play against local football, rugby, hockey, basketball, lacrosse and more. Why not explore some traditional Irish sports that include handicap and Gaelic football or take in some of the best golf courses in the world in Ireland and the UK.

  • Connect with your friends and family

Enjoy outdoor activities with your children or friends, exploring sheepskin exhibits, riding on a kayak or riding a horse-drawn carriage in the middle of Killarney National Park.

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