In England, professional sports may continue despite new imprisonment

In England, professional sports may continue despite new imprisonment

advertisement On this monday evening British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was essentially awaited by professional athletes throughout the channel. If the leader has announced a new total inclusion by mid-February, the country may continue to face high-level games – such as those in Scotland – and the premiere, to face an infection due to a more contagious form of new coronovirus. The league, in particular, would not be stopped as was the case between 13 March and 17 June.

The Premier League protocol was considered solid

The government believes that the Premier League has established a rigid protocol and the continuation of the championship is positive for the nation’s morale. Nothing changed either for the winter transfer window and international match transfers, which could happen.

The same will happen in rugby. The organizers of the six-nation tournament said ahead of government announcements on Monday that they expected the competition ” Goes according to plan ยป, From 6 February to 20 March, with the associations, governments and health officials of the respective countries monitoring the situation. England-Scotland should be on the first day of the tournament on 6 February.

Please note that for amateurs, outdoor sports venues, including outdoor gymnasiums, tennis courts and golf courses, will be closed and outdoor team games will not be permitted.

The UK has recorded more than 2.65 million confirmed cases of Kovid-19 and over 75,000 deaths. This new imprisonment may last until mid-February.


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