Italy and Belgium complete the nations league finals

Italy and Belgium complete the nations league finals

Cologne (SID) – Former world champion Italy and world number one Belgium have completed the final in the Football Nations League. Italy followed up world champions France and Deutschland-Schreck Spain in the A-1 group with a 2–0 (1-0) victory over Bosnia-Herzegovina in the final four. Belgium reached the final against Denmark in Group A2 with a 4: 2 (1: 1).

With Italy’s victory, Poland’s 2–1 (1–0) duel with the Netherlands ultimately had only statistical value among other final-round candidates. England did not get a place in pointless group Iceland before their 4: 0 (2: 0) in the final tournament in the group from Belgium. Despite superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, defending champion and European champion Portugal had already won the group finals.

The pair of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Iceland, who had been rejoined in the B division before the final round, were included in the former World Cup Third Sweden last Tuesday. The question of who was withdrawn from Germany’s A4 group after the basement duel between Switzerland and Ukraine was canceled due to several Corona cases in Eastern Europe, will be decided on the green table.

Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany’s opponents in the European Championships, Hungary and Wales leaped to the first floor. Austria gained promotion to 1: 1 (0: 0) in the B1 “final” against Norway. The Czech Republic won 2–0 (1–0) against Slovakia in the B2 group and benefitted from the simultaneous 0–1 (0–1) defeat of EM starter Scotland in Israel.

With 2–0 (0–0) against Turkey in the B3 group, Hungary used the 0–5 (0–4) defeat of previous front-runner Russia in Serbia. Wales won 3–1 (1–0) against Finland in the promotion final of the B4 group.

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Italy managed to win the group in long-distance triathlon with Oraje and Poland with the help of a rifle. In Sarajevo, Squadra Azurra prevailed after hits from Andrea Bellotti (22nd) and Dominico Birdi (68th). Poland, meanwhile, remained in the race thanks to Kamil Jozvák’s goal (6th), but Italy’s success meant that the hosts changed sides in favor of Memphis Depe (77th, penalty) and Georgios Vuijdalm 84th goal Were able to bring .

Belgium kept their nerve in the group final for the final against Denmark. Guests thought about their chances of victory after their draw, but break star striker Romelu Lukaku scored a goal shortly after Brees (57th and 68th) and ex-Wolfsburg Kevin de Bruyne (87th). Keeper Thibault Cortois (86th) is perfect for the success of “Red Devils”.


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