It’s Recovery for Empoli!

It's Recovery for Empoli!

Serie B champions, Empoli are now attacking a first division season with the ambition of no longer making a lift and finally stabilizing in the top flight. For this, the club’s most publicized choice, reshuffling a large part of its team to find a balance worthy of Vicenza’s Serie A level in the first round of the Copa, Empoli will take on Lazio on day one tonight.


Aurelio Andreazzoli (Coach): Experienced with big names like Luis Enrique, Luciano Spalletti or Vincenzo Mantella and Rudy GarcĂ­a, Andriazoli is defined as Coach No. 1 by a little experience in Genoa, but at the fore and aft in Empoli, a story of love. Recognize the kind whose conclusion is slow. For his third visit to the club bench, his mission will be simple: support, support, support. If he is acquired, perhaps his contract will be extended.

Liam Henderson (Lecce): The transfer, the most expensive of the summer for the club, represents technical hope at Scottish Beach. Formed in Scotland, between Hellas, Bari and Lecce, Henderson must find a team at Empoli that can allow him to stabilize, before arriving in Italy to roam.

Ricardo Fiamozzi (Lecce): Another fruit of good understanding between Lecce and Empoli, the right-back moved up for promotion permanently, after a year and a half on loan already spent with them. The holder of only a one-year contract, he will have to show his instincts to eventually establish himself in Serie A, the one who flirts with this division (route in Genoa) since the beginning of his career.

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Petar Stojanovic (Dinamo Zagreb): Almost unknown to the battalion, Stojanovic represents one of the attractions of this facelift of Empoli. A quality right-back, who has already tried his hand in the Champions League, will give the promoted man a welcome feel when he faces the champion of the championship.

Guglielmo Vicario (Cagliari): Vicario from Cagliari is looking for an opportunity in Empoli to show his quality in cages in the long run. In this short one-year loan, where Cagliari wants to test him, he will have a lot to do in a team that will certainly give a lot of opportunities. In anticipation of his return to Cagliari, it’s up to him to show that he deserves to wear the tunic.

Ricardo Marchiza (Sassuolo): Somewhat banned in Sassuolo, Marchiza is one of many players who are sent to “small” teams for being tough. At 23 years old, Empoli stands a great chance to show up to finally settle in Serie A.

Sebastiano Luperto (Naples): Borrowed forever, Luperto had a decent 2020-2021 season with Croton so far. What is expected of him to finally settle down at Napoli… but in the end it is a new loan for Empoli that the Neapolitan club has reserved for him, which does not yet trust him enough.

Patrick Cutrone (Wolverhampton): At 23, Cutrone has already traveled well into Europe. With the relaunch on loan at Empoli, she will once again have the chance to show herself in the championship that suits her best, and in a team without any pressure. It is up to him to seize this opportunity to find a way back to the big Italian clubs.

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Departure :

alessio dionysi (Sassuolo, coach): After a good run with Empoli, the 41-year-old coach will eventually discover the elite of Italian football, but not with azuri. Joining Sassuolo, Dionisi makes a quality leap, where he will have the difficult task of succeeding De Zerbi.

Dimitrios Nikolaus And Samuel Marazzo (Spezia): The Greek defender and Slovak striker make the short trip between Tuscany and Liguria. If the first has played a role in the rise by playing regularly in the previous season, the second has never won and leaves the club permanently after three loans.

alexa terzik (Fiorentina, end of loan): Borrowed by Fiorentina, the Serbian defender has played 31 matches in Serie B. He returns to Florence hoping to finally get his chance.

rider matos (Udinese, end of loan): The Brazilian striker has rocked the nets 7 times last season. Is this moment enough to convince Udinese to give him a chance?

Possible specific team:

After keeping Mancuso, Haas and Bajrami, who led Azurri’s aggressive animation to the Serie B title, Andriazoli, who takes over from Dionisi, has a good starting point.

Empoli (4-3-1-2) : disorder; Stojanovic, Ismajali, S. Romagnoli, Marchiza; S. Ricci, Stulac, Bandinelli; Haas; Mancuso, Bajrami (or Cutrone)


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