Its Scottish Golf Club at the center of controversy

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A major Scottish union that complained on Sunday criticized itOrganization Trump To receive up to $800,000 in UK government grants for its two Scottish golf clubs to protect jobs during the health crisis. But it happened that the company rejected. tens of workers. Union officials called fundraising ” Scandal And demand a government inquiry.

SLC Turnberry Limited from trump has received up to $700,000 in public funding, while its campus Balmedi, in laberdeenshire, according to government documents, up to $100,000 was paid in just two months, scottish flax. According to the association, few other golf resorts have collected as much, or even more. However, the National Union of Railway, Shipping and Transport Workers complained Scotsman That the Trump Organization was sucking up public money while cutting employees by hijacking a program specifically designed to save jobs.

thorough investigation

The union said that 66 employees have been sacked Turnberry in layrshire since last spring. Some were rehired but took a pay cut, according to the union. ” It is clear to us that, at least, the principles of the job retention program have been violated by the Trump Organization, and must now be fully investigated. “By the Customs and Revenue Department, the Secretary General, RMT said, Mick Cash. « it’s a scam, ” she added

When trump had askedIreland and others’Scotland In order to allow golf complexes to be developed in both countries, he promised that the operation would generate significant tax revenue. But it appears the Trump Organization hasn’t paid a dime in taxes to any station because of the regularly reported losses.

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a rather serious fact

In 2017, Turnberry Tax relief of $147,000. The station was then banned from a program intended to give a break to struggling businesses, reported Sunday Herald. « Bad enough that he has a commercial presence in Scotland », had declared to the newspaper Patrick Harvey, Member of the Scottish Parliament from the Green Party, after the decision. « sad to hear that public money is helping him,” said the MP.


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