Japan continues winning streak with victory against Samoa

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Japan took to the field for the third time in the Rugby World Cup 2019 on Saturday. This time the team faced Samoa. Cherry Blossom had to fight hard, but eventually won against the opposing team.

Japan scored six points in the first ten minutes thanks to two penalties from Yu Tamura. However, Samoa did not allow this to happen and Henry Taifu leveled the score with two penalties. Another penalty by Taifu saw Samoa receive a yellow card. In the end, Taifu was again used at half-time with a score of 16:9.

last minute bonus points

After that, Japan turned up the heat, as did Samoa, who wanted points. Taifu scored again with a penalty and put Japan under pressure. For Japan, Kazuki Himeno tried in the 54th minute to score more points. Taifu then gave Samoa the first attempt. Japan made a second attempt in the 76th minute.

In the last few minutes, the match developed into a real thriller. Japan needed one more attempt for a bonus point. He put his all together in stoppage time and was successful in the last attempt in the 84th minute.

In the end they were happy about 38:19. So their chances of becoming the first Asian team to reach the quarter-finals are very good. After this he has to play against Scotland on 13 October, which may not be easy for him.

Japan coach Jamie Joseph praised Samoa and said it was an impressive match. At the same time, however, he confirmed that the first half was a bit busy. Japan captain Peter Labuschagne said it was really hard work and they needed some time, especially in the first half. Still, he is satisfied.

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England dominated the match against Argentina

But not only that, Japan had to prove itself on the pitch on Saturday. In England and Argentina, the South Americans started with a three-point lead. However, John May made the first attempt for the British shortly after. Argentina then received a red card for Tomas Lavanini for a high tackle in the 17th minute.

Things haven’t gotten better for the Argentine team since then. England made two more attempts before the break and the break went into 15:3. There was no improvement in the second half and England made three more attempts, one in the last minute. Argentina had to be content with just one try and 39-10.

Australia at its best

This was also quite evident in Australia and Uruguay. Dane Helett-Petty made the first attempt in the fifth minute. Uruguay, on the other hand, secured the first point in the 12th minute with a penalty. Soon after, Adam Coleman received a yellow card and a ten-minute time-out.

However, that didn’t stop Australia from making another attempt. Lukhan Salkaya-Lotto then received the team’s second yellow card. In the second phase, four more attempts were made. Uruguay scored only one goal in the 77th minute and had to go on the field with 45:10.

Fiji win against Georgia

Not only on Saturday, there were many matches. There were also some matches on Friday and Thursday. Georgia and Fiji can be seen on Thursday. In just the 20th minute, Fiji scored in Naikalevu’s first attempt. Georgia, on the other hand, got their first three points in the 35th minute.

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The physios turned up the heat at half-time and made two attempts. Georgia made an effort of its own and closed the score gap at 10:17. Fiji responded with four tries for extra points and won 40–10.

Russia has no chance

On the same day, Ireland and Russia met for a fairly straight game. Russia faced an effort from Irishman Rob Kearney in the first minute. Followed with two more perfect heights. Russia, on the other hand, went into half-time with only a yellow card.

After that, however, things didn’t get better for them and they got no points, just another yellow card. Ireland, on the other hand, scored again with two more attempts and won 35–0 outright.

Italy’s crushing defeat against South Africa

On Tuesday, then there was South Africa’s game against Italy. It was not easy for Springboks with Europeans. The Africans made their first attempt in the fifth minute. This was followed by one penalty each for Africans and Italians. Springboks then took another try, as well as height.

The second half began with an ugly foul by Italy’s Andrea Lovotti, who was sent off with a red card. After that the team had no more points. South Africa made four more attempts and won with a clear score of 49:3.



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