JK Rowling criticizes changing laws in favor of trans people

JK Rowling criticizes changing laws in favor of trans people

Author JK Rowling expressed solidarity with those opposing a change in the law in Scotland that would favor trans people.


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  • Scottish trans people should be able to change their gender entry more easily in the future.
  • JK Rowling is now publicly speaking out against this change in law.

Harry Potter author JK Rowling has sparked a debate once again about the rights of trans people. “Not for self-identification,” wrote the author on Thursday Twitter,

It’s about a change in law that will allow trans people in Scotland in the future without medical certificate Change their gender entry. For this the period of application should also be significantly reduced.

JK Rowling first criticized

Rowling has made statements that have been criticized in the past as hostile to trans people. Trans people or transgender people who have changed their gender since birth don’t feel like they belong,

about her statement in which she performs in front of a Scottish houses of parliament Expressing his solidarity, Rowling published a photo of herself. She is wearing a T-shirt that says Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon “destroyer of women’s rights” referred to as.

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