Josh Taylor vs Terrence Crawford employed by top ranked Bob Arum for Edinburgh – it will ‘blow the lid on everything in the UK’ boxing news

  Josh Taylor vs Terrence Crawford employed by top ranked Bob Arum for Edinburgh - it will 'blow the lid on everything in the UK'  boxing news

Josh Taylor may welcome Terence Crawford to Scotland in one of the best boxing matches available, promoter Bob Arum has said.

Top Rank’s Arum is overseeing the careers of two undefeated pound-for-pound fighters and plans to compete next year in Taylor’s hometown of Edinburgh.

Taylor’s recent capture from the undisputed welterweight championship means he’s following in Crawford’s footsteps—and he now looks to fight for the US welterweight title.

“Josh is a major talent,” said Arumu aerial game. “He will face Jack Cattrall in November.

“Then we hope that early next year we can have a fight that will shut everything down in the UK.

“It will be Taylor who will challenge Crawford for the welterweight title.

“It will be prime time in the UK. We would like to do it there in the spring with 60,000 people in Scotland.

“My grandson says Edinburgh is a wonderful city!

Josh Taylor defeated Jose Ramirez at Mayo to become the undisputed champion

Taylor will first face off against his mandatory WBO challenger Catterall, and hopes to stage a comeback fight at Edinburgh Castle or Hibernian Football Stadium on Easter Road.

Crawford currently holds the WBO welterweight title and has arrested Klay Brook and Amir Khan. He also defeated Ricky Burns on the previous trip to Scotland.

Taylor said of the Crawford fight: “There was always a fight – Victor Postol was a step too far, Regis Progress a step too far, Jose Ramirez a step too far.

“They were all so good to me and I keep proving them wrong, and I’ll prove them wrong again.”

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“I believe in my abilities. I think I fought the opposition better than Crawford, although Crawford is very, very good, he is elite.

Terence Crawford wins over Amir Khan, Klay Brook and Ricky Burns

“But he didn’t fight the best opponents in his division. He fought good fighters, good opponents, but I think I fought at the best level. I’ve fought better fighters along the way.”

Taylor said of the dream fights with Crawford and Manny Pacquiao, “We can let these fights happen, so it’s a mouth-watering moment right now. It’s so exciting, the potential for these huge fights, That’s why it’s huge.

“Obviously, Pacquiao has a fight coming up against Errol Spence, but [we’ve] Talk and build relationships, and I’m pretty sure they’ve seen me beating themselves up too. Considering what I want to do is go up to 147 [lbs] So I’m pretty sure they’ll be interested in those fights too. “


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