Kate Middleton: the trail that continues to intrigue

Kate Middleton: the trail that continues to intrigue

Since her first public appearance, the curious have wondered where the mark on Kate Middleton’s temple comes from. A mystery that captivated crowds, which in 2011 a spokesperson for Kensington Palace unveiled on E! News. Ten years later, Hello Magazine took stock of this Scar affair.

Feather left temple by Kate Middleton, a blot Not very clear, it appears during his first public appearance more than a decade ago. Since then Rumors Keep getting rich if some think it was because of hair extensions, others have questioned his past hockey player. speculation, one of Spokesman From Kensington Palace expired in 2011 And ! News.

related to the mark childhood surgeryconfirmed the person in the service of the monarchy, without giving further details. If the explanation remains unclear, the castle never developed From health concerns Belonging to the Duchess of Cambridge, always appearing resplendent in front of the world’s photographers and cameras. However, in the face of so few explanations, it’s hard not to ask questions.

Rumors set up?

If the rumor hair extensions Not likely, judging by his sublime hair, His Past as a Hockey Player is more understandable. still magazine Hi Very valid arguments are highlighted for canceling this reason. Kate Middleton never hid his love of hockey, Definitely. During her elementary and middle school years, who was Prince William’s wife a part of? hockey team from his school. But she left again University of St Andrews in Scotland To study art history, and then Met Prince William, whom she later married. So Kate Middleton, who bears the title Duchess of Cambridge and three children, no longer risks dangerous activities.

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