Kate Middleton turns 40: Behind the scenes of her meeting with Prince William

Kate Middleton turns 40: Behind the scenes of her meeting with Prince William

They first crossed paths at age 9 before finding themselves on a university bench in 2001: Here’s an account of Prince William’s meeting with Kate Middleton, who turns 40 this Sunday, January 9, 2022 Celebrating being.

They are one of the most iconic couples in the world. Prince William and Kate Middleton tied the knot on April 29, 2011 years of relationship, Together, they have three children: George, Charlotte and Louis, And this Sunday, January 9, 2022, the Duchess of Cambridge is celebrating her 40th birthday. An opportunity to open the album of memories and immerse yourself in one of the most tender moments of my life: her meeting with the one who will become her husband, And the story doesn’t start the way you think. And no, contrary to legend, Kate and William crossed paths long before they went to college. In 1991, St Andrews Prep School welcomed Ludgrove School to play hockey games. The first is the Duchess’s school, the second Prince William’s. They would walk on the same ground again… without knowing what fate was going to reserve for them! it wasn’t until many years later couple really meet, At the University of St Andrews in Scotland, where Kate Middleton and Prince William are educated.

a little magic and luck

,Some journalists have argued that carol middleton, slightly upwards, prompts his daughter to register to meet the prince“, says Bertrand Meyer-Stabley in the book The Life of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, An argument was refuted in the same work: “Discover even more in consultation with the faculty’s archives that his application file has already arrived that William’s choice was revealed,

Any Machiavellian plan could start a love story washed out. Both lovers meet from the very first day of university. ,Well, I guess I went all red when I met you. I almost ran. i was so shy“, acknowledging Kate Middleton in 2010 AP, during her engagement. For his part, Prince William recalls: “I knew when I met Kate that he had something special (…) We became friends for a while. It was like a solid foundation.”

waiti katie

In 2001, at the beginning of this university year, Kate Middleton gets into a relationship with Rupert Finch Beautiful kid and nice school party. For his part, William will have a love story with a certain Carly. This is during the second year of their course that they would fall into each other’s arms, After a year of friendship. To prevent the press from getting involved, he then made roommates with different friends. it wasn’t until three years later That the relationship between Kate and William would be official. In addition, the young woman will wait until 2008 to exchange her first words with Queen Elizabeth II. it’s called all the time Waititi Katie, which translates as “to be done bypatient kate,, A nickname that flew during the couple’s engagement.

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