Komen Barca is concerned about wastefulness


VITORIA-GASTEZ, Spain: Barcelona coach Ronald Kમેmen was cursed for his team’s superiority after a 1-1 draw at the Elves on Saturday, dropping points for the fourth game in a row in La Liga.

Barca fired 25 shots on goal, but only once managed to beat Elvis’ brilliant goalkeeper Fernando Pacheco, while Antoine Griezmann won early in the second half, shortly after Joto was sent off for the hosts.

Barca were left behind just before the break when Luis Rioja knocked over keeper Nato’s devastating error after mixing with defender Gerard Pique.

“I am concerned about our performance in the attack. We don’t have a problem with our attitude or concentration, we need to be more efficient against the goal, “Koeman told reporters.

“We also gave Elves a goal, but you can’t afford to lose it when you have too many opportunities. If you do too many chances and only score once, that’s not good. ”

Barca lost 3-1 at home to Real Madrid after a surprise draw against Elves and 1-0 at Getafe. They are 12th in the table with eight points from six games.

Coyman could barely hide his frustration at the recent results as he dealt with reporters’ questions about his decisions in the game and his touchline behavior.

“I am surprised that I am being criticized for the image I have given on the touch line. I think we did everything we could on the dugout and the pitch, ”he said.

“In the last 10 minutes we played as needed. If you criticize me for how I look on the touchline, then we can leave too. “

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The Dutchman added: “Of course I’m worried we’ve only got two points out of the last 12. I think we played very well, I would be more worried if we didn’t take chances.

“But with the final pass and the final start we need to do better against the goal. We can’t waste so many opportunities, we paid so much. “


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