L1 and L2 clubs will not release their internationals

L1 and L2 clubs will not release their internationals

The verdict fell on Wednesday evening. The clubs of L1 and L2 have decided not to release their international brought to play outside the European Union during the March break, due to possible sanitary septage on their return, announced the Professional Football League (LFP) .

The decision was taken “unanimously” as a result of consultation with club presidents, the LFP said, while several French teams expressed a desire to retain their internationals such as Brest, Nantes, Metz or Design.

For example, for DFCO, the decision was made on Tuesday, in view of Marseille’s visit on April 4 from the 31st day of L1.

Concerns for the design are: Gabonius Didier Iflegal Manga and Didier Nond, Mauritian Abubaka Kamara, Senegalee Pepe Cheikh Dip, Benini’s goalkeeper Saturnine Allabe, Congolese Glody Nonda and Bissau-Guinea Mama Balde.

The French team, which for their part should benefit from an exception after Kazakhstan (28 March) outside the EU, acquiring Ukraine (24 March) to Bosnia (31 March).

Can clubs retain their players?

FIFA has relaxed the rules to make international players available for several months. Since last August, it has allowed clubs to keep their internationals, if “at least five days of quarantine is mandatory from arrival” to “the place where the national team’s match is to be played.” On his return, the latter replaced the club.

Bayern Munich, whose Austrian player David Alaba is due to travel to Scotland, an area considered “at risk” from Germany, is entitled to retain his defender to save him from 14-day quarantine upon return. On Tuesday, coach Hans Flick said, “We are moving towards the fact that he cannot leave.”

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The situation is also worrying for many African selections. Guinea’s coach Didier Six was to negotiate for Liverpool with his midfielder Nabi Keita for the first match against Mali on 24 March.


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