LAOLA1 Election: Potential FB starting eleven in Scotland – Soccer – ÖFB National Team

LAOLA1 Election: Potential FB starting eleven in Scotland - Soccer - ÖFB National Team

What can the opening XI of Austria look like in the World Cup qualifying opener in Scotland?

While the ÖFB continues to fight for the participation of many veterans in the German Bundesliga, the present seems more likely that team boss Franco Foda will have to return to domestic Bundesliga or other league players outside Germany.

For this reason, the OFB head coach also named a senior team on Tuesday that included some exciting names.

Who should represent the Red-White-Red in Glasgow on 25 March?

Nine members of the LAOLA1 editorial team – each in the 4–2–3–1 system – created a possible initial formation. Based on the most named players, the following possible initial XI results:

This is a possible start:


Alexander Schlager (6 votes)

It is also mentioned: Daniel Bachchan, Heinz Lindner

Who is number one in Austria right now? A valid question with no clear answer. In the last six international matches, Pavao Parvan enjoyed the trust of OFB observers. However, the 33-year-old is not available as a German general near Wolfsburg for this exercise. This paves the way for Alexander Schlager’s victory.

The LASK goalkeeper was initially preferred last autumn before being replaced by Pervan during his absence in the October training course. It can also be exciting how Foda deals with Daniel Bachchan’s personality. Watford Legionnaire, which creates a sensation in his employer, is employed on the island and may therefore be an option for Scotland’s game.

Sikan Stankovic does not seem to be an option at the moment, who only finds himself on the call behind Schlager, Bachmann, Perwan, and Heinz Lindner.

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Reinhold RANFTL (7) – Gernot Tronor (8) – Maximilian Weber (9) – Andreas Ulmer (6)

It is also mentioned: Maximilian Ullmann, Albert Valsy, Philip Wessinger, David Nemethe

LASK twice, Red Bull Salzburg twice – and that very easily. This Back Four is also the only member of this starting eleven that was chosen by each eligible voter: Maximilian Vober ​​received 100 percent approval and is no longer eligible to play for U21, he certainly has a greater chance of getting It deserves to be more durable than before in setting up the A-Team.

Gernot Tronor, who was particularly comfortable in the three-man chain, was elected with a large majority to support Voeber in the central defense, while only the stormy youngster David Nemeth was voted in at the defense center.

Ranftl was recently a regular FB team with the best performers, sometimes from the beginning. Most of the time he appeared to be one step ahead, in this specific case he was elected by a solid majority to replace Stephen Lennar as the right-back, but was also occasionally nominated in the right midfield. Andreas Ulmer celebrated a favorite victory on the left, with Rapidler Maximilian Ullman dusting off some votes.

Philipp Wiesinger and Albert Valsy were also sporadically mentioned in the full-back position.

Defensive Middle Zone:

Dejan Ljubik (5) – Stefan Schwab (7)

It is also mentioned: Peter Zulz, Peter Michoral, Zlatko Junuzovic

This result may be surprising at first glance, but in a team thrown together, it makes sense to wager on a well-rehearsed pair extensively in the central midfield. Thus, according to the game of the idea, former Rapid captain Stefan Schwab would appear in favor of his successor, Dejan Lubišić.

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For Schwab, who is now a commander in PAOK Saloniki, it will be his chance to follow his only international minutes in a Foda debut against Uruguay in November 2017. For former U21 team player Ljubicic, this will be the start of the A-team and there will be an opportunity to play extra in performances for their potential summer transfer.

Along with Peter Zulze, a famous A-Team face dusted off some votes. LASK kicker Peter Michoral, who is still on call, was also named. The idea of ​​persuading veteran Zlatko Junuzovic to make an FB comeback is quite appealing. The senior team does not give up, but what can be left on such days…?

Aggressive midfield:

Luis Schaub (7) – Yusuf Demir (5) – Hussain Balik (5)

It is also mentioned: Rafael Holzhauser, Thomas Goiginger, Jacob Gentscher, Stephen Herlander

The three had several different tips in their offensive line, but in the end a clear majority emerged for the trio Louis Schaub, Yusuf Demir and Hussein Balik.

While Lucerne Legionnaire Schaub is now an OFB veteran and Balik had last sniffed the OFB for the first time in the autumn, Demir’s international debut will have something in common. Of course, this option may be a bit populist, but a look at the future of the national team would be exciting on the one hand, and on the other, it is certainly no mistake to show this gem a clear FB perspective as soon as possible. Later, as happened in the case of David Alaba.

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Holzhauser’s Bershot has an extraordinary season rewarded with several nominations on ten. Other candidates also cast their votes. Many types can be imagined here.


Adrian Grabik (5)

It is also mentioned: Erkan Kara

An exciting duel which was eventually won by the French commander. Things are not going as expected at FC Lorient, but a strong OFB autumn with a goal in each of the last three international matches and a total of four goals is clearly not yet forgotten.

The idea of ​​Kara making her debut for Austria would appeal to her not only given her exact season for Rapid. Coincidentally, Marco Arnautovic was not up for debate, the ÖFB superstar missed the course as he was to remain in China.

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