League of Nations: Hungary lasts until League A – Football

League of Nations: Hungary lasts until League A - Football

Due to a 2–0 home win against Turkey, Hungary was promoted to the Supreme League of Nations League.

Without Dominic Szabozlai from Salzburg, Seeger (57th) leads Hungary to an edge. Turkey is pressing for parity, but cannot bring the Hungarian defensive into serious trouble. Varga made the decision with his goal in stagnation time (95th).

In the second game of the group, Serbia defeated Russia 5–0 against team boss Stani Tsertschesso. Redonjic (10th), Djokov (25th, 45 + 1) and Valhovic (41st) have already outscored the Serbs at half-time. Despite being overweight and overpowered, Russia cannot write.

Nothing changed in the second half, Serbia remains extremely efficient and could ensure the final point through Mladenovic in the 64th minute.

The end result of the group is actually mixed by these results. Hungary finished first, ahead of Russia with eight points. With a resounding win, Serbia overtake Turkey and can celebrate the charge in League B.

Ruttensteiner celebrated

In his last game as the owner of Israel’s team, Willie Ruttenstein can at least set the charge’s minimum goal in the Nations League. The Israelis celebrated a 1-0 home win against Scotland and contested for third place in the group.

Solomon led as gold scorer with his goal in 44 minutes. Former WAC Legionnaire Sean Weissman is on duty for the entire season.

The Czechs can celebrate with a 2–0 win in a neighborhood duel with Slovakia. Susek in the 17th minute and Ondrešk ten minutes after the break decided the game in favor of the Czechs.

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The Czech Republic was ten points ahead of Scotland with ten points. Slovakia has to play again with four points.

In group four, Wales looks forward to a sovereign promotion. With a 3–1 home win over chasing Finland, the team of superstar Gareth Bell won the group. Goals go to Wilson (29th), James (46th) and Moore (84th) as well as Pukki (63rd).

Ireland and Bulgaria were separated 0–0, leaving the Irish three points ahead of Bulgaria, who would have to regain them with double digits.

Results League C:

Greece 0-0 Slovenia

Kosovo 1-0 Moldova

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