Liverpool FC mourned Gerard Houlier

Liverpool FC mourned Gerard Houlier

The Frenchman led the Reds for six red seasons, leading to the historic and unforgettable troubles of the League Cup, the FA Cup and the UEFA Cup in 2000-01 and returning the club to the Champions League.

Houliar – who recovered from life-saving heart surgery during a campaign to return to the dugout during 2001-02 – later guided Liverpool to victory in the second League Cup of his tenure in 2003 and left the following year to oversee 307 matches and successfully re-establish. Club as a modern force.

Every Giard in the club is deeply saddened by the loss and our thoughts are with his family and friends.

Houliar’s association with Liverpool began long before he was recruited by the club to work as a teacher in the city in the 1960s, first in the Reds match at Cop in 1969.

He will take the peace of the people, including Lens, Paris Saint-Germain and later the French national team, and increase his reputation and skills as a coach back in his home country.

Gerard moved to Merseyside in the summer of 1998, initially taking over the sole charge of Liverpool in November of that year and co-managing with Roy Evans before starting a steady revolution in the new century.

After finishing seventh and then fourth in the top flight, Howlier masterminded one of the biggest singles seasons in Reds history during 2000-01.

Liverpool played 63 games during the exciting campaign and picked up three cups along the way, starting with the League Cup in Cardiff.

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They returned to Millennium Stadium three months later, where Michael Owen’s dramatic end reversed a loss against Double Arsenal and secured the FA Cup.

In just four days, Houliar’s charge and fans were celebrating once again. One of the all-time great UEFA Cup finals, the Reds finally beat the Elves 5-4 thanks to an extra-time golden goal in Dortmund.

All this while Liverpool have achieved their other main objective of the season: to get a top-three spot in the league and to qualify for the European Cup. Completed the job with a 0-0 win at Charlton Athletic in Game No. 33.

Since the Charity Shield and UEFA Super Cup were won in early 2001-02, during the 2001 calendar year, the club amassed a significant five pieces of silverware during the 2001 calendar year.

However, it will soon prove to be a turbulent and troublesome turn of events during the campaign. Houlier became ill in October-October 2001 and needed life-saving heart surgery and long-term relief.

True to his character, he returned just before the end of his term and Genard made a surprise return to the dugout for a Champions League win over AS Roma that led the Reds to the quarter-finals.

It was the same season that Liverpool made the strongest search for a Premier League title under Houliar and eventually finished runners-up to Arsenal.

The Frenchman led his side to their sixth trophy in 2002-03 with a memorable League Cup final win over Manchester United in Cardiff.

It was Gerrard who identified Steve Gerrard as the future captain of the club, closely managing the emergence of Schuster from the academy as he shaped his team and the XI.

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And Houliar once again confirmed his qualification for the Champions League – which, of course, the Reds will win in Istanbul next year, at the helm, in his final season as captain at 2003-04.

Although his legacy as a revolutionary and important figure in Liverpool’s modern history is embedded and attached, he and the club later parted ways.

With Olympic Leonis in France and later Aston Villa in England, Houliar returned to club management twice, leaving Anfield.

Equally loved by Reds supporters – “They’re really special. I was one of them, don’t forget that, ”he said earlier this year – and the players with whom he had consistent success maintained ga ties with the club in subsequent years, even after taking charge of the Liverpool FC Legends team in Sydney in 2016.

Gerard at Liverpool FC will miss everyone.

Come on, come on, Gerard Houlier 1947-2520


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