LNH | Luke Heinemann, Premier Kraken

  LNH |  Luke Heinemann, Premier Kraken

If you’ve been playing Budding Genius for over a decade, you might be asked who was the first player in Seattle Kraken history. Remember the answer: Luke Heinemann.

Katherine Harvey-PinardKatherine Harvey-Pinard

By signing his admissions contract with the new Seattle Kraken roster two weeks ago, Heinemann also made a name for himself in NHL history. He became the first player in the organization to not even have a head coach yet.

The Blaineville-Boisbriand Armada captain has returned home to Nova Scotia since his team’s exit from the QMJHL playoffs a few weeks ago. while talking to press, he was still in quarantine. He could at least celebrate the news with his family.

“To be honest, it’s great to be the first player in an organization”,
He says.

I like it. It’s an honor for me. The past few weeks have been exciting and it’s great to be able to celebrate it with your family.

Luke Heinemann, first Seattle Kraken player

The famous saying that nothing happens for nothing applies well to Heinemann. In 2018, he was selected in the fourth round by the Carolina Hurricanes. They had until June 2020 to award him the first entry contract, which he did not do. The center player had a season of 25 goals and 49 assists for 74 in 63 games last year, which was good for 16.I The rank of the QMJHL scorer.

“It was definitely disappointing,” he admits. I had a great season. I thought I deserved a contract, but that is life. You have to face adversity in life. It was a message to tell me that I had to work harder and that’s what I did. ”

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Being the only Canadian league court circuit to feature a season with a playoff this year, the forward had the opportunity to once again show what he is capable of on the ice. In a total of 41 games, he recorded 25 goals and 30 assists for 55 points.

Armada with their head coach, Bruce Richardson, underscores the great maturity they have shown over the past year.

“Luke and I were very close,” he said. He was my leader. We had a relationship of communication, of respect. When he didn’t sign the contract, I was disappointed. But I told him that it was his defeat and someone else would win in this situation. There are some for which it took longer, who needed an extra year in their development, and this was their case. The fact that he was able to play this year proves his worth, is impressive, which saw him sign a contract with a team that wants it. ”

an emotional announcement

By the time the deal with the Kraken was struck, Heinemann was in the second round of the playoffs with Armada. The day before, his team lost to the Victoriaville Tigress, taking a 2–1 lead in the series. coach Didn’t expect to meet my captain that morning in his hotel room.

“At 9 in the morning, Luke, dressed as usual, knocked on my door,” said the head coach. He said to me: “Can I talk to you?” He looked sad. He was not the kind of guy who wanted to tell me something positive. There are many things running through my mind. I think something has happened to his girlfriend, to his family… He asks me to sit. I started asking him questions. He sat down and told me the news. I hugged him, I was overjoyed. “

The coach and his player made a move on their social media to announce it to other players on the team just minutes before Kraken’s announcement. The center player had just received a package by mail from his new organization.

Richardson says, “I had a team meeting to say we forgot yesterday’s game. I said I got a gift for Luke, I gave it to him. He opened it, it was a Kraken hat. Announced it to all the teammates, everyone was excited, stood up, applauded and hugged him. He played a lot that night. We won to go into match 5.

player of a moment, like coach, will never forget.

“It was so pleasant to celebrate with them [ses coéquipiers] Because it wouldn’t have been possible without them and without me cartonsOf course, Heinemann says. Unfortunately we were in a bubble so there wasn’t much to do but it was nice to see his smile. Everyone was happy for me. ”

what is the plan ?

Palm Springs’ new lineup in the American Hockey League, which is to be affiliated with Kraken, will not play until 2022. So Heinemann is unaware of what uniform he will wear next season.

“I really don’t know where I’m going yet had they not been assigned to the AHL team,” he explains. I’m a little tense to see where it will go, but I’m trying to enjoy it for now. I’ll take care of that later. ”

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For the next few months, the 6-foot and 168-pound center intends to gain muscle and work specifically on his shot.

No matter where I play, I will try to learn and contribute my best. I believe in my game and if I work hard, get bigger and bigger, I think I can play in the NHL someday.

luke heinman

And according to Richardson, it will take its place among the pros over time. The coaches are also praising their captain fiercely.

“Getting to know Luke, he’s a mature person and he’s going to adapt,” she believes. He has adapted incredibly over the past three years. He is very receptive. It will take him a few years in the American League to know what it’s like to be a professional, but I see that in two, three years he will have the opportunity to find his place. ”

“She’s quite professional, Luke, the way she is as a person,” he says.


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