London does not want another independence referendum before 2024

London does not want another independence referendum before 2024

Michael Gove, the British minister responsible for coordinating government action, on Wednesday rejected any new referendum on Scottish independence ahead of the next legislative elections in 2024, explaining that the government was focusing on a post-pandemic recovery .

asked by daily Wire If there was a possibility that Prime Minister Boris Johnson would approve a referendum ahead of the elections due for May 2024, Gove replied: “I do not think so“.

I feel reckless at best, madness at worst

Gov did justice”idiot“To talk about a referendum as the country tries to recover from the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

I feel reckless at best, madness at worst“to discuss the independence of Scotland”As people expect, we will work together to address these challenges.“, he told.

His words risked angering the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP), which leads Scottish local government, and called on Boris Johnson to authorize the referendum.

In last May’s elections, popular Scottish pro-independence First Minister Nicola Sturgeon won a fourth term as head of the British nation.

But Boris Johnson, who has the final word on whether or not to authorize this referendum, strongly opposes it, believing that such a consultation cannot take place.once per generation“.

In the 2014 referendum, 55% of voters rejected independence. However, the SNP believes that Brexit has changed the game, with Scots opposed by 62%, and that the British nation should now be able to join the EU as an independent state.


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