Loss to weak national team – Austria win in Scotland in World Cup qualifying start

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On Thursday in the World Cup qualification Group F, Scotland and Austria were on the schedule. In a weak game FB disappointed the selection and eventually did not advance to a 2–2 draw. A result against conscientious hosts, which can ultimately be classified as “performance-based”.

Sporty action can be brought to the point on the lawn. In a game at an extremely manageable level, Austria was better, but in fact a largely harmless team. A good shot by Kalajdzik (second) and conclusions by the distinguished Baumgartner (18th) were not on the “event slip” for the OFB selection. The extremely stable Scots really had only one chance to be mentioned and it benefited from a gift. After a blackout by goalkeeper Schlager, the ball lands on Christie, but he fails with his placeless finish on the Austrian goalkeeper. The break was 0–0 after a fairly disappointing performance in the first 46 minutes.

There was little change during the game after the break. Austria had more of the game. But poor passing and running quality ensured that the game continued. But then came the 55th minute. A long-range shot from the Gryllites allowed Scottish goalkeeper Gordon Ricochet to advance. Kalazdzic captured the ideal position and took a 0–1 lead. The opening goal in no way ensured peace and stability. opposite of this! A few seconds later, Ilsankar clings to Christie in his own penalty area. In this situation, FB selection was very lucky. Referee Carlos del Cerro Grande continued the game. A disastrous wrong decision! Incidentally, there is no VAR in World Cup qualification. This situation inspired the Scots and there were two gates through Armstrong. nothing more nothing less! In the 58th minute, guests chanted an alleged 0: 2. Referee Carlos del Cerro Grande punished a striker foul by Kalajczyk. Justified! So the game got flooded. Until the 71st minute when Scotland managed to equalize. In a foul free kick, the ÖFB back team wants to “high defend”. However, this has not been discussed by all. Goalkeepers stick to the Schlager line and Hanley sees the weak Ilsankar very poorly and draw a 1-1 draw. It was not disqualified in any way. Nine minutes later, the ÖFB selection returned. After a cross from Lennar, Kalajdzic swung the ball into the net to make it 1: 2. Five minutes later, the host team again managed to equalize. McGinn scored the final 2–2 from the overhead kick.

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A result that was finally okay. In poor level games, FB selection missed practically all of its benefits. One played – once again – slowly and very accurately. In addition, there were mistakes on the defensive, which would have to concede goals sooner or later. The fact that the FB selection casually gave two points for the extremely stable Scots could still be significant in the end! On the other hand, the hosts were limited and aggressively harmless. But due to missed penalties and two goals scored, no one can talk of a Lucky Point win in any way. However, it is also a fact that the Scots should improve significantly in the course ahead of the World Cup qualification.

Scotland vs Austria 2: 2 (2: 2)
Hampden Park / Glasgow, Without Audience (Coronavirus), SR Carlos del Cerro Grande (ESP)

Torre: Hanley (71.), McGinn (85.) bzw. Kalajdzik (55., 80.)

Shotland: Marshall – Hendry, Hanley, Tierney – O’Donnell, McTomin, McGinn, Armstrong (66./Adams), Robertson – Dykes (78./MacGregor), Christie (88./Macalin)
Austria: a. Schlager – Ilsanker, Dragovic, Lienhardt – Lanner, Baumgartner, Grillitz, x. Schlager, Alaba – Kalajczyk, Grubik (68./Shaub)



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