Mad! Wroclaw wins high scoring game against Leipzig

  Mad!  Wroclaw wins high scoring game against Leipzig

Wroclaw – The Wroclaw Panthers celebrate victory on day two of the second match of the European League of Football.

In a remarkable game with a total of 82 points, the Polish team defeated Leipzig Kings in the Northern Division by 54:28.

The Saxons did not manage to stop the Panthers’ strong offense to quarterback Lucas O’Connor and suffered their first defeat in the ELF.

field target attempt is blocked

The game had barely started when a field goal attempt by the Leipzig team was blocked by kicker Marcel Ulbricht. Panthers star cornerback Darius Robinson snatched the egg out of the air and took it 60 yards to the Kings end zone.

With Leipzig responding to attacks through the air, quarterback Michael Birdsong was always on the lookout for his receiver. The Panthers defense initially defended vigorously and prevented several drives by the Kings.

When receiver Timothy Nuetel managed to escape the Polish defense, Birdsong found him a long pass in the end zone. An unlucky first quarter, however, caught kicker Ulbricht, who set up extra point next to the rod.

And so Wroclaw was allowed to extend the lead with the first offensive touchdown. Quarterback O’Connor threw a short range at receiver Jacob Mazan. As kicker David Paszyzin also placed a second extra point safely between the bars, the first quarter ended 14:6.

Panthers kicker Pańczyszyn missed two PATs

However, after the break, Paszynin’s leg also began to tremble. Receiver Przemyslaw Banat caught a touchdown to make it 20:6, landing on PAT linkage. At 26:6 the extra point didn’t go into the goal even after the touchdown. Kamil Ruta had caught an interception earlier and made it to the 20-yard line, overtaking quarterback O’Connor and completing the move with a pass to receiver Victor Ziba in the end zone.

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Ziba also caught another touchdown for 33:14 seconds before half-time, this time with Paszyzin also converting the extra point. The Kings, meanwhile, were shorted by a touchdown from running back Raymond Sobovale, which included a successful two-point conversion by the same player.

Wroclaw’s crime exposed

Shortly after half-time, Leipzig cut short with a touchdown by Jalil Avini, a two-point conversion at 10:33 pound quarterback Birdsong over the line. Phileas Pasqualini, on the other hand, fueled the Panthers running back and countered straight, with Wrocaw leading again with 40:22.

After that, things continued in rapid succession. Leipzig receiver Alfa Jaloh kicked off after a Panthers TD came back on a straight touchdown, but the latter failed a two-point conversion. Running back, Jason Agumon was stopped by the Panthers defense.

Now the king had again reached twelve points, but the joy was only for a short time. Running back Pasqualini, the Panthers restored the old gap with a remarkable run – 47:28. A short time later, another Panthers, Damien Kwiatkowski, running back, came on a touchdown. Since kicker Pańczyszyn converted PATs, the game for Wrocaw ended at 54:28.

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