Madrid accepts Gladback gift on Fantastic Win-Win Night

Benzema Real Madrid

Borussia Mચેnchengladbach are not the first team to spend the entire game playing for a draw. But it could be the first team to spend the entire game playing a draw In a completely different match 700 miles away.

This was a very strange football match. The scene of Real Madrid playing a crucial Champions League game at the small Alfredo Di Stefano Stadium on the training ground is undeniably vague, although clear and the reasons sound. In front of small empty stands their goal is to make the sound of the song louder. And based on everything we saw in this wild Champions League group this whole 90 minutes was vague.

Eventually, both Real and Gladback should end the evening without totally believing their fate. Madrid wins a group they have been delighted with since the start, with Gladback sticking to qualifying as they have come close to aggression to toss away efforts over the past two months.

Madrid, then. At the group stage, the victory they are sticking to for the beloved life ends with the same face victory, so it is bloody with curiosity that you saw yourself doubting your own eyes and ears. It felt and felt like a vague and meaningless pre-season friendly. He says Real Madrid have been so symbolic of the group that Los Blancos won their game and reached the last 16 of the Champions League.

It would be very wrong to suggest that this match was a meaningful contest of any kind, but in the end the prospect of an outburst, thanks to almost two identical Karim Benzema headers, slipped in more than half an hour. Borussia Monchengladbach’s social-distance defenders left space.

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Gladbacks aren’t the first team to find themselves in a game run by Tony Cruz and Luca Modric, but there may be some who have never made it so easy for the pair. The German side barely made it out of the jog and into the object approaching the sprint at almost no time. The celebrations after the final whistle was blown in the game when the goalless draw at San Siro was confirmed was the biggest attempt at a bizarre display by visitors.

Although the awesome Gladbach was tonight – and they were awesome – it’s worth noting that they still deserve their place in the last 16. They were very consistent before tonight’s oddity – or at least inconsistent – in this stupid team group and a little more certainty and know-how would have wrapped it all up a week or two ago.

Although the terrifying Gladbach was tonight, admitting to qualifying for the last 16 of the Champions League and understandable BT Sport is more than a “piece of comfort” suggested by a critical team. Out of the group next to Inter Milan and Shakhtar Donetsk who beat Real Madrid at home. No matter how strange the circumstances, they are perfect for enjoying it.

But the focus should really be on Real Madrid. By hook or by crooked, they have won this group. Come February, it’s all important. Things can look very different when the knockout phase begins, and got into it, who knows how far they can go.

A week ago, they were facing domestic and European devastation. They have at least avoided, though Atletico Madrid are thriving on the weekends.

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They saw a very good team tonight, when the opposition made things a lot easier for them with a stern warning. It was surprising not to see more goals in the second half, with excellent Lucas Vazquez hitting the post and giving Benzema some highly presented chances to complete his hat-trick.

But apart from those small swallows, there can be no argument with the professionalism of their influence. They got the job done. They were quicker and more active than Gladbach, Snapier in hull and pass. Associated with his apparent technical supremacy, his greater desire for demonstration made the result a formal formality.

For Madrid, they have barely received the minimum thanks to the opponent who gave the absolute minimum tonight. Given the confusing and bizarre spectacle of the minute minutes we witnessed, the team’s gaze was so overwhelmed and easily defeated that running around the pitch in celebration was strangely appropriate in its strangeness.


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