Major in Children and Youth Football: DFB issues recommendations

Major in Children and Youth Football: DFB issues recommendations

There will be no general restriction on headers in children’s football in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland in Germany.

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Age-appropriate ball sizes with minimal air pressure, strengthening neck muscles and alert coaches: The German Football Association (DFB) reacts to new findings on headball play in children and adolescents.

Do headballs cause consequential harm to children and therefore should be banned altogether? The German Football Association (DFB) recently dealt with this question in its most recent meeting. The committee decided to make several adjustments for headball training in children and adolescents.

Instructors should look for signs of a sign

Among other things, the size and weight of the football should be adapted to the respective age and instructors are encouraged to include exercises to strengthen the neck muscles in their training. According to the latest scientific study, well-trained neck muscles reduce the forces acting on the brain when a ball is hit.

In addition, instructors should be attentive and recognize the symptoms of a concussion as soon as possible. Its symptoms are dizziness and headache. Then a break should be taken and a doctor should be called. These measures are also UEFA recommendations.

Enlang, Scotland and Northern Ireland prohibit header training for children

A study in England found that headballs can negatively impact brain development and increase the risk of developing footballer Alzheimer’s or dementia. This is why since the beginning of 2020, headers have been banned in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland for children under twelve years of age.

In addition to this, sensitivity towards the subject of music in football is also increasing. The International Football Association Boards (IFAB) want to allow an additional installation if a collusion is suspected. The Premier League and Women’s Super League in England will host a test phase.

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