Man arrested for throwing bottle at player

Man arrested for throwing bottle at player

Former Rangers player Barry McKay receives a bottle during the Scottish Championship match between his team Heart of Midlothians and Celtic. An investigation was opened and one person was arrested.

France is not the only country that has problems with some of its supporters. Scottish midfielder Barry McKay (26) fell victim to a bottle thrown at Celtic Park on Thursday, like Dimitri Payet during a Ligue 1 match between OL and OM on 21 November. As he was preparing to take a corner kick in the second half, the Hart of Midlothian player was targeted by Celtic fans.

24-year-old man arrested

as reported sky game, the objects are thrown on the ground and McKay is given what appears to be a plastic bottle. Hit in the back, he warned the referee and play was stopped for a few moments before resuming. McKay stayed on the pitch and managed to end the game. Without falling victim to another bottle throw, but with heavy whistles from supporters of Celtic, who won (1–0) at home on the 16th day of the championship. An inquiry has been opened.

“It is clear that such behavior has no place with us. The club will conduct a thorough investigation and take all appropriate measures,” Celtic said in a statement. For their part, police announced on Friday that they had arrested a 24-year-old man who was suspected of participating in throwing projectiles.

“It wasn’t easy… It’s probably linked to my past with Glasgow Rangers (their training club). I was hit with a bottle for the first time in my career. I thought it was dangerous. I already There were problems taking the corner, but nothing was thrown at me yet,” commented McKay, who also went through Nottingham Forest and Swansea, before joining Heart of Midlothian in 2021.

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