Manchester United, Woodward would have resigned

Manchester United, Woodward would have resigned

Ed Woodward has resigned as President of Manchester United.

Following Woodward’s resignation, Manchester United had to agree to join a breakaway European Super League due to heavy criticism from their supporters.

Woodward’s decision to step down as president of Manchester United came 48 hours after the European Super League was announced.

Legend manager Sir Alex Ferguson was among those who voiced opposition to the verdict. “To speak of a Super League is to go away from 70 years of European club football,” he told Reuters.

“In the 60s both as a provincial team player and as a coach in Aberdeen for a small provincial club in Scotland winning the European Cup Winners’ Cup, it was like climbing Mount Everest.

A member of the Manchester United board of directors, “Sir Alex” assured that he was “not part of the decision-making process”.

The club has also been severely criticized on Sky Sports by former player Gary Neville, while current players Marcus Rashford, Bruno Fernandes and Luke Shaw have all made their displeasure known.

Ditto for Eric Cantona. The former statue of Old Trafford has condemned the rule that only brings the rich together and goes against values ​​so dear to the game. Values ​​such as bonding with fans and osmosis.

On his Instagram account, “The King” regretted the fact that he was completely forgotten: “Fans are the most important thing in football. They should be respected. Did these big clubs ask what they thought ? Unfortunately and it’s not embarrassing. “

“Kento” does not hesitate to participate in this closed league, while Manchester United, the club in which it is emblematic, intends to participate. Mancunins would also be one of the prime examples of this bizarre project, which also featured Ed Woodward and Joel Glazer.

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