Marco Schwarz – Fales is the world champion for Italy with a pencil

Marco Schwarz - Fales is the world champion for Italy with a pencil

Marco Schwarz clearly feels at home in Italy. He crashed to the top of the world on December 22, 2015, with a third place in the night slalom at Madonna di Campilio. The 25-year-old is now considered the greatest talent in sinceSV after Marcel Hirscher. Like him, Schwarz focuses on technical disciplines, especially slalom, but is perhaps the last all-rounder in the Austrian men’s team. He showed that in the station wagon with the World Cup gold in Cortina.

“It will take me a while to realize this,” Schwarz said after the biggest win of his career so far. “It is really nice to take home a gold medal in the first competition at home.” पुरुष SV’s male racing director Andreas Puletcher said: “He was already a medal contender for me. After Super-G, I thought to myself that now maybe someone can guess.”

Carinthian of Radianthin in Spindle once made his first footprint in the Der Dru district with a gold medal at the 2012 Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck with a giant slalom, joint and team competition. He was 16 years old at the time and graduated from the Ski Trading School of Skodling. He made his World Cup debut at Levi on November 16, 2014 and has been a regular part of the inSV squad at the Schwarz Slalom ever since.

Nearly a year later, the first podium at Madonna came to an end. And yet – Kali pushed herself ahead of the 17th half-position – the blond boy was the quiet man afterwards. It was a race in which a lot happened: Heinrich Christophersen prevailed over Hirschcher, whom a camera drone missed only a few centimeters on his second drive.

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“He’s always really been a racing driver. If he had a starting number, it was always fine with ‘Blackie'”, said Puelcher, who teamed up with technical head coach Marco Pfeffer for the now convinced bearded man. build out. There is also a lot of work behind ‘Blackie’. Tyrolian said, “It takes many days and, above all, a lot of goals. “

On Monday at Cortina D’Ampezzo, Schwarz demonstrated that it is sometimes possible to reduce, when, according to his own statement, he finished only fifth in the speed section for four days of Super-G training this year. did. Only a few hundredths of a second set him apart from experts like Matthias Mayer and Super-G World Champion Vincent Krychmeyer of his own team. But he always had a sense for the long boards, which in this case he got from the repertoire of the injured Alexander Amodt Kilde.

After all, in 2014 SC Bad Kleinkirchheim athletes were Super G Junior World champions and won bronze in the same Junior World Championship in Jasna downhill. He wants to compete in speed competitions more and more often, but his brutal ligament tear at Banksco in February 2019 thwarted this calculation. Shortly before that, he was at the peak of his career: his first World Cup win in Oslo (City event) in January, taking bronze (combination, slalom) and silver twice with the team at the World Championships in Aarey.

Now Schwarz has opened up a new chapter of success: the world champion in combination (“Slalom was on the tough side, it was really crisp and icy”), and after season two wins he is going to win his first Slam Crystal Ball. Regarding skiing, Pulcher said, “He expressed a sense of security during skiing. With him I never felt that he was on the border and it was eliminated. He is standing like a rock in a slalom. ” Parallel to the morning was the single. Black cannot easily disturb anything.

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